Peripatetics of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Egypt, Sudan, and Yemen - Kinship, Marriage, Family, and Residence

Among the Ghajar of Egypt, marriages are overwhelming endogamous. They take place at an early age—if possible before puberty—and are preferentially between parallel and/or cross cousins. Among the Ghajar community of Sett Guiran 'ha, polygynous marriages are not unknown. Dowry payment is compulsory and may consist of cash or household furniture. This expenditure is, however, balanced by the payment of the dower or bride-wealth ( mahr ) by the groom; this dower, which is compulsory in Islam, is not paid to the bride, but to her father. In addition, the groom's father meets the entire expense of the wedding day. After marriage, residence is virilocal. Extended families are the rule and can be very large. Divorce is common and its initiation a male prerogative.

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