Tiv - Sociopolitical Organization

Social Organization. Tiv social organization is based on the lineage system (see "Kin Groups and Descent"). Market courts are secondary. Age-sets were important in some ritual situations.

Political Organization. Tiv political organization was traditionally based solely on the lineage principle. That principle was recognized by the colonial government, which nevertheless added a hierarchy of offices, one for each lineage level recognized by the government. Market organizations were often used for political purposes.

Social Control. Social control was achieved through the lineage system.

Conflict. Traditionally, there were struggles and wars between lineages (which were limited by the lineage system) and conflicts between the Tiv and their neighbors (in which case all Tiv were "against" all the neighbors). The usual means of settling conflict within the lineage was by a moot of elders who met, heard the cases, and made decisions. They did not have—and by and large did not need—the right to enforce their decisions.

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