Agta - Sociopolitical Organization

Like other hunter-gatherer societies, Agta political organization is weak. There are no chiefs or formal group leaders of any kind beyond the nuclear household. Organized social life is controlled primarily by the nuclear family heads (i.e., the father and mother). Women participate equally with their husbands in decision making. Secondarily, social organization is based on the personal kindred. Social control is therefore quite weak. Individuals tend to do what they wish. If individuals go against the norms of the camp, or manifest disruptive deviant behavior, they will first be put in their place through oblique criticism, and then by ostracism. If that does not work, families will just move away. There are no laws or fines for keeping people in line, except ostracism. Conflicts are usually resolved by one of the families moving away and, in fact, moving is the primary mechanism for resolving interpersonal problems between families.

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