Numbering about 65,000, the Ilanon (Ilano, Ilanum, Ilanun, Illanun, Iranon, Lanon) inhabit the area surrounding and inland from Polioc Harbor, on Moro Gulf, Mindanao, the Philippines, Ilanon is classified in the Hesperonesian Group of the Austronesian Language Family. Subsistence is based on wet rice and maize. The strategic location of Ilanon villages along the harbor and rivers' shores made them major recipients of trade goods flowing from Malaysia. The Ilanon are best-known for their former role as raiders and pirates throughout greater Malaysia. Fleets of Ilanon boats rowed by slaves raided the Central Philippines, as well as islands and shipping from Sumatra to New Guinea. The Ilanon are closely related to the Maguindanao to the south, although the former consider themselves to be a distinct group.

See also Maguindanao


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