Itneg is a general term that refers to speakers of Itneg languages who reside on Luzon in the Philippines. The Summer Institute of Linguistics lists four Itneg languages: Binongan (Tinggian, Tinguian, Tinngguian), Inlaod, Masadiit, and Southern. In 1975 the total number of Itneg speakers was 50,000, although almost all were bilingual in Ilocano. Itneg-speaking groups have been in contact with various neighboring groups such as the Bontok, Kalingas, Overseas Chinese traders, and Ilocano for some time, and today are assimilated into Ilocano society.


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Jenny Magbanua
Happy holidays! I need help...I can't finish my requirements in Graduate school because I can't find stories written in Itneg that I can translate in Filipino. My Grandfather was born in Abra. My relatives can't also help me. I'm hoping and praying that anybody from this group can help.

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