Yakan - Kinship

Kin Groups and Descent. Descent is bilateral: father's and mother's kin are of more or less the same importance. There is a great feeling of solidarity among relatives. At any great event, such as a wedding or a funeral, as many relatives as possible will come together. A settlement may consist of related persons, but that is not the rule.

Kinship Terminology. There are special terms for father and mother. There is no distinction in terms between father's and mother's relatives. The terms for aunt and uncle respectively are the same whether they are father's or mother's sibling. The same is the case in connection with cousins. As to the older generation, there is no distinction between grandparents and their siblings, and grandparents use the same term for their own grandchildren as they do for their siblings' grandchildren. Sibling terms distinguish between elder and younger siblings.

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Romark L. Jungao
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Aug 28, 2016 @ 12:00 am
what are the other ideas you have? such as the medium of communication? do you they are still using YAKAN dialect or other dialect?

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