Friuli - Economy

Economic activity in Friuli is varied, although the region has never been a wealthy one. In the countryside, farming and animal husbandry are of great importance. Industrial activity centers on the urban areas, and individual cities are often associated with specialized products or services. Udine, for example, is associated with textiles; Monfalcone on the Adriatic coast serves maritime industries. Wood-based industries—sawmills, furniture manufacturing, and the like—have been significant economic pursuits since the 1500s. Friuli is also well known throughout Italy for the toys, basketry, and knives produced in the north of the province. The region also supports mining (of lead and tin), quarrying (marble), and factories for the production of paper, cement, clocks, clothing, and a variety of other products. Both men and women are represented in the work force, but there is a strong bias associating domestically related work with women. Real property, including land, tends to be passed from father to son.

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