Friuli - Sociopolitical Organization

While fully a part of Italy, Friuli has long considered itself united and deserving of regional autonomy—the demand for which made itself felt strongly in the post-World War II years. In 1963, Friuli-Venezia-Giulia achieved recognition as the Fourth Region of Italy, with its own regional council. At that time, Trieste was made the capital, against the wishes of Friuli nationalists who would have preferred the selection of Udine, their historic seat, and setting off a movement to remove Friuli from the Fourth Region and to establish a fully autonomous Friulian administrative unit, free of the Perceived dominance of Trieste and Venezia-Giulia. In conjunction with this effort, there have been movements to establish a university at Udine and the teaching of Friulan in the schools, as well as renewed interest in matters of local history, folklore, and other elements of Friuli culture. Politically, Friuli is predominantly Christian Democrat. The Friuli participate fully in local politics but have yet to make much of an impact in general elections, even within the region.

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