Greek-Speaking Jews of Greece - Settlements

Settlements are essentially urban. Ioannina remains a major provincial capital of governmental, military, and commercial importance. Traditionally, the Jewish community centered on the synagogue and the marketplace. Distinct Jewish Neighborhoods, both inside and outside the Byzantine walled city ( kastro ), were established but were by no means exclusively Jewish. Jewish homes were often distinguished by the Presence of a frame for the sukkah, constructed in the fall festival of Sukkot, and a wood-burning oven for the preparation of kosher meals and the baking of Sabbath bread. Up to World War II families established shops and homes in the smaller towns of the region. They returned to Ioannina for major holiday celebrations and their children were often sent there for schooling. Young men from Ioannina trained to read the Torah would also be sent to some of these settlements for holiday celebrations.

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