Cora - Settlements

The Cora settlement pattern is generally dispersed. Only in the principal towns of San Francisco, Jesús María, Mesa del Nayar, Santa Rosa, Santa Teresa, Presidio de los Reyes, San Juan Corapan, El Rosarito, Dolores, San Blasito, and Santa Cruz can one find a concentration of houses. These towns are actual civil-ceremonial centers, whose inhabitants also have residences in the countryside. The most important buildings in these centers are a court house ( juzgado ), a casa real (an administrative building), schools, a church, and a ramada (a covered area where religious dances and ceremonies are held).

The most permanent town is Jesús María, the capital of the municipio of El Nayar. It hosts municipio and native governments, and a number of mestizo families live there. Jesús María is divided into four barrios, in which membership is inherited patrilinealy. The inhabitants of each barrio have a collective name.

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