Emberá and Wounaan - Kinship

Kin Groups and Descent. The exogamous group includes one's cousins. Historic Emberá and Wounaan kinship was patrilineal.

Kinship Terminology. Emberá kinship terms include Z'aware (grandfather), pa~kore (grandmother), dádha (father), pápha (mother), dr'oa (uncle), apíphi (aunt), ahavha or shavha (brother), shavhawera (sister), oarra (son), káu (daughter or cousin of the same sex), wiuzake (grandson), ai-Zake (granddaughter), kimá (spouse), wigú (son-in-law), aingú (daughter-in-law), wad (brother-in-law), and anyore (sister-in-law) (Torres de Araúz 1966, 64-65; Cansan et al. 1993, 15).

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