Q'anjob'al - Sociopolitical Organization

The sociopolitical organization of the Q'anjob'al follows the traditional model of a Latin American civil-religious hierarchy. It is important to note that each town has its own complement of offices within its own hierarchy. The civil sector consists of a hierarchy of offices consisting of mayor, police, and assistants. The most prestigious and wise individuals who have held office can become a principal. Each town has a council of principales, which directs the affairs of the town. They also appoint individuals to civil offices.

The religious sector is similar in that it consists of a hierarchical system of offices. The most important position to be held is that of mayordomo. This office is held by a married couple; their responsibilities include taking care of church affairs and maintaining the physical condition of the saints. The most prestigious aspect of this office is sponsorship of the festivals that are held annually to celebrate the patron saint of the town. Mayordomos sponsor these festivals with their time, effort, and money. Much status and prestige is conferred to those who have filled the office.

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