Tzotzil and Tzeltal of Pantelhó - Kinship

Kin Groups and Descent. The nuclear family is the fundamental kin group in Pantelhó. Frequently, the nuclear family becomes an extended family, when it is expanded to include the spouses of married children and their children. They may live in the same household area and work land cooperatively. This group, however, has no permanence; it will likely dissolve as soon as financial independence is achieved, although the youngest son will often remain to care for the aging parents and inherit the house and remaining property. Relations may continue, but it is a matter of individual choice. Dyadic relations (i.e., compadrazgo ) often replace kin ties. Descent is patrilineal, and the Spanish double surname (father's last name followed by mother's father's last name) is used throughout Pantelhó.

Kinship Terminology. Traditional kinship is bilateral, distinguishing lineal from collateral relatives. Relative age is also distinguished, marking younger and older siblings. Terms for older siblings are often extended to nonkin as respectful modes of address.

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