Tzotzil of San Andres Larraínzar - Kinship

The two most important features of kinship relations are age and generation. Men of more or less the same age traditionally refer to each other as "brother," distinguishing only between itz'inal (younger brother) and bankilal (older brother). Older men are addressed as htot (my father) or tata, a term to address very old men. In a similar way, women are addressed as hme' (my mother) or yaya , for a very old woman. People are also addressed by their personal first names and titles.

Residence patterns following marriages are traditionally viri-patrilocal, and although there are some cases of polygyny, the majority of the marriages are monogamous. Bride-price is paid, consisting of food and liquor, and sometimes soft drinks. The groom also has to work for a designated period of time at the house of his father-in-law.

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