Daribi - Kinship

Kin Groups and Descent. A Daribi child should, as a matter of moral principle, be recruited to its father's clan through payments ( pagehaie, or, colloquially, "head" payments) made to a representative of its mother's line, usually the maternal uncle ( pagebidi). Should the payments not be given, the maternal line has the right (not necessarily exercised) of claiming the child. The clan, which holds in Common the wealth through which these payments are made, is thus ideally patrilineal. Clans are composed of zibi, minimally the sibling set that "becomes a group of brothers after the sisters marry out." Clans are grouped into phratries, tracing Descent from a named male ancestor.

Kinship Terminology. A terminology of the Iroquois type is used with respect to consanguineals in one's own and ascending generations, whereas a Hawaiian-type terminology is used with respect to those in descending generations.

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