New Georgia

The New Georgia group of islands is located in the south-central Solomon Islands between 8-9° S and 156-158° E. The group consists of the main island of New Georgia, nine other large islands, and numerous atolls. Among the major ethnolinguistic groups on New Georgia are the Kuaghe (also known as Kusaghe), Marovo, and Roviana. The Kuaghe, who numbered 1,059 in 1976, live on north New Georgia; the Marova (4,576 in 1976) on south New Georgia, Marova Lagoon, Vangunu Island, and Nggatokae Island; and the Roviana (5,365 in 1976) on north-central New Georgia, Roviana Lagoon, and Vonavona Lagoon. All speak languages classified in the New Georgia Group of Austronesian Languages. Roviana, which was the primary language of many New Georgians, is being replaced by Solomons Pidgin, a combination of English words and Melanesian grammar with local dialect variation.

See also Choiseul


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