Ingilos - Orientation

Identification and Location. The Ingilos are one of the oldest ethnic groups among the Georgian peoples. In current administrative-political terms, Sainglo is part of the Azerbaijan Republic; it is located in the northwest of the Azerbaijan Republic, with its southwestern part adjoining the Georgian Republic. It is subdivided into three districts: Kakh, Zakatal, and Belakan. The Georgian term for the territory inhabited by the Ingilos is "Sa-ingilo."

The Ingilo territory at present is comprised of 4,780 square kilometers. It possesses rich natural resources and is noted for its variegated topography, flora, fauna, medicinal springs, sources of mineral water, pastures, and fertile soil (especially in the Alazani River Basin). The ecosystem of Saingilo is essentially a continuation of that of Kakheti and Kiziqi. The foothills and lowlands of Saingilo are characterized by a dry or semihumid subtropical climate.

Linguistic Affiliation. The Ingilos speak an eastern dialect of the Georgian language closely related to the Kakhetian and Kiziqian dialects.

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