Introduction to China - Studies of the Han Chinese

For political reasons, most of the Western-language research on Chinese ethnology from 1949 until 1979 was undertaken in Taiwan and Hong Kong and the New Territories or based on interviews with Chinese refugees to Hong Kong. The Anthropology of Taiwanese Society (Ahern and Gates 1981) is a collection of articles reevaluating and summing up the Taiwan studies done by scholars since the early 1950s: the lengthy bibliography incorporates the Hong Kong researches as well. A series of collections of conference papers published by Stanford will also lead the reader to the Taiwan, Hong Kong, and both pre-Revolution and post-Revolution Mainland China ethnographic sources. These include Family and Kinship in Chinese Society (Freedman 1970), Economie Organization in Chinese Society (Willmott 1972), The Chinese City Between Two Worlds (Elvin and Skinner 1974), Religion and Ritual in Chinese Society (Wolf 1974), Women in Chinese Society (Wolf and Witke 1975), and The City in Late Imperial China (Skinner 1977). See also Women in China (Young 1973) for references and annotated bibliography.

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