Selkup - History and Cultural Relations

Russian sources mention the Selkup for the first time in the sixteenth century. At the head of the political union of the Piebald Horde at that time stood Prince Vonia. The Piebald Horde, numbering up to 400 warriors, offered fierce resistance to the Russians and their allies, the Kodsk Khanty. Vonia entered into a union with the Siberian khan, but after the latter was defeated, Prince Vonia continued to battle the Russians and refused to pay the iasak (tribute paid in furs). Only after the building of the Narym fortress in 1596 did the Piebald Horde submit to the Russian czar. Soon thereafter, a part of the Selkup set off for the northern lands and began the formation of the Taz group. Since then the Northern and Southern Selkup have apparently been separated by the Vakh Khanty and the Elogui Ket.

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