Barí - Kinship

Kin Groups. The Barí have no kin groups per se outside the domestic unit. Instead they divide the social universe into two categories: sagdojira (fictive kin) and okjibara (fictive affines). Although the logic of the system recalls moiety organization, in fact no such social groups exist, and the relations are considered to be sets of dyadic ties tying each Ego to all alters.

Descent. The content of Ego's ties with others, whether sagdojira or okjibara, follows those of his or her father.

Kinship Terminology. In keeping with the emphasis on the two fictive-kinship categories, genealogical-kinship terms are few: mother, father, son, and daughter have unique terms, whereas brother, father's brother, and brother's son are covered by a single term, as are sister, father's sister, and brother's daughter. Mother's father and father's father are covered by a single term, as are mother's mother and father's mother. There are also terms for elder and younger sibling. There are no terms for cousin, nor for matrilateral uncle or sibling.

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