Culina - Marriage and Family

Marriage. Marriage is preferentially between cross cousins within the same Madiha group, that is, between individuals who are cross kin of the same generation. Cross kin of approximately equal age but different generations may also marry. Marriage is normally monogamous, but occasional polygynous marriages are found. Postmarital residence is uxori-neolocal for husbands; the couple initially lives in the wife's natal household but is expected to move into its own by the birth of a third child. Divorce is fairly common and simple; either the husband or the wife may move out of the household and take a new spouse. Aside from elderly individuals who are cared for by adult children, all Culina adults are expected to be married. The Culina attribute this to the critical domestic and economic tasks performed by each spouse in a system with a sharp division of labor.

Domestic Unit. The typical domestic unit is an extended family household of three generations, including the senior male and female heads of the household, their daughters, daughters' husbands and children, and unmarried sons.

Inheritance. The Culina do not specify rules of inheritance. Personal property is buried with a deceased individual or is distributed among village members.

Socialization. After infancy, children join same-sex groups to engage in play that models adult roles. Young boys make tiny bows and arrows to hunt small rodents and lizards; young girls make small cooking fires and play at domestic games. By early adolescence girls have begun to assist adult women with daily tasks and their skill at these is monitored by the parents of adolescent boys. Adolescent boys are taught to be "wild" and uncontrollable; this allows them to sharpen their hunting skills and also excuses their constant mischief making. Adults are indulgent and punishment of children is extremely rare.

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