Guahibo-Sikuani - Sociopolitical Organization

Social Organization. The Sikuani have a basically egalitarian society. Although chieftainship and shamanism are generally male positions, women have a great deal of influence on the community's decision-making processes. Factors in social stratification include the degree of acculturation and the prevailing life-style. Although indigenous identity is valued, there is an appreciation for proficiency in Spanish and knowledge of Creole culture; traditional monolingualism and nomadism are considered backward.

Political Organization. Leadership rarely goes beyond the village level. Each community is autonomous, and only with the development of the indigenous movement and the formation of Indian reserves have regional political organizations been created.

Social Control and Conflict. Social control is exercised through criticism of deviant behavior. In cases of serious conflict, accusations of sorcery are made, generally resulting in the migration of the people involved.

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