Huarayo - Kinship

Kin Groups and Descent. The Huarayo lineages or extended families named themselves after the rivers along which they dwelt. The name "Kwiñaji" (others' Huarayo), which is synonymous with the name "Hajipya," indicated a Huarayo outside his or her own group. "Na'okwiñaji" signified a Huarayo living on the Río Na'o (i.e., Malinowski), "Sonenekwiñaji" referred to a Huarayo living on the Río Sonene (i.e., Heath), "Bahuajakwiñaji" meant a Huarayo living on the Río Bahuaja (i.e., Tambopata), and "Kwekwiñaji" was the name of a Huarayo living on the Río Kwe (i.e., Madidi) in Bolivia. These groups no longer exist, but their descendants live in Palmareal. They are distinguishable from each other in appearance and complexion. Some information suggests a traditional pattern of bilateral descent. Most Huarayo believe that they derive from a mythical forefather, Gemasho.

Kinship Terminology. According to certain indications, we can assume that Huarayo kinship is Iroquoian. In Huarayo kinship terminology, the differences in the referential and appelative terms are preserved.

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