Makushi - Marriage and Family

Marriage. Although polygamous marriage has long been a part of Makushi culture, most marriages today are monogamous. There is quite a bit of freedom in the choice of marriage partners. In the past, marriages theoretically were arranged by the parents. Marriages are usually endogamous. Cross-cousin marriage is allowed and desirable. The couple resides for a short time with the wife's family. Generally, after the first son is born, an independent family household is established, but matrilocality, as the prevailing rule of residence, is still practiced.

Domestic Unit. The people who cook and eat around the same hearth are considered a family. This group not only lives and consumes goods together but also farms cooperatively. The nuclear family is the minimal family unit. Membership in the household unit requires that one perform an acceptable amount of work.

Socialization. Infants and children are raised both by parents and siblings, who almost never use physical punishment in child rearing.

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