Makushi - Orientation

Identification. The Makushi speak the Carib language, live in the northeast of the Brazilian state of Roraima and in the Socialist Republic of Guyana, on the frontier of Brazil, and are predominantly of the Christian faith.

Location. The state of Roraima is located in the extreme north of Brazil. The Rio Branco is its principal hydrological resource. This region presents two natural zones, tropical forest in the south and savanna in the north. The state of Roraima is located between 5°16′19" N and 1°27′00″ S and 58°58′30"E and 64°39′30″ W. The area of the state is 230,104 square kilometers. The state of Roraima was part of the state of Amazonas, from which it was separated in 1943 with the denomination of the Federal Territory of Rio Branco; the name was changed to the Federal Territory of Roraima in 1962.

Demography. The Makushi population is estimated at 8,000 in Brazil (the non-Indian population of the state of Roraima is about 200,000).

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