Mundurucu - Settlements

Mundurucu villages are found along the banks of the upper Río Tapajós and its tributaries and on the savannas between the tributaries. The more traditional villages are on savannas. In the savanna villages there are men's houses, which once played a very important role in defense and ceremonies. On the savannas the insects are less noisome, but there are fewer opportunities for trade than in riverine villages. The desire for better access to trade goods is the motivating force that has induced entire communities to abandon the savanna for sites near the rivers. By 1980 only four villages remained on the savanna. The Franciscan mission on the banks of the Río Curura has more than 400 Mundurucu residents, making it the largest Mundurucu settlement. The second largest is Sai Cinza, which is both a Baptist mission and a FUNAI post. Sai Cinza is the northermost Mundurucu village on the banks of the Río Tapajós and is within walking distance of the Trans-Amazonian Highway. From Sai Cinza, it takes only a few hours by canoe to reach the Brazilian town of Jacareacanga.

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