Shipibo - Kinship

Kin Groups and Descent. The Shipibo term for "people" is jonibo , and they divide their social world among noa jonibo (we people) and nahua jonibo (less than people). Rarëbo includes kin, whereas huëtsabo are "others (like us)" —Shipibo who live a long distance away. Although some have claimed the possible earlier existence of Shipibo clans, there currently exists no evidence to support the existence of any descent or corporate groups based on relation to a common ancestor, fictive or real.

Kinship Terminology. Shipibo kinship terminology has been classified as being Hawaiian in one's own generation and Sudanese in the first ascending and descending generations. No distinction of others in one's own generation is made other than whether the sex of the other is the same or different (i.e., Hawaiian cousin terms). Separate reference terms are used for mother, father, and their siblings. Great-great grandparents/grandchildren are referred to by the same terms as great-grandparents/grandchildren.

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