Siona-Secoya - Kinship

Kin Groups and Descent. The foundation of Siona-Secoya kinship is the exogamous patrilineal sib that provides each individual with a reference group of "brothers" and "sisters." Unlike Eastern Tukanoan practice, Western Tukanoan sibs are not ranked in status, nor does each sib have a separate creation myth. In modern times the surnames used by Siona-Secoya individuals are based on sib names. For example, in the name "Elías Piaguaje," the surname is derived from P 'ã Wahi, the "living bird" sib.

Kinship Terminology. The terminology of the Siona of the Río Aguarico is of the Omaha type but has an elaboration in that certain terms in Ego's generation and the first ascending generation have age-grading prefixes. Secoya terminology is similar, but lacks age-grading prefixes in the first ascending generation.

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