Waimiri-Atroari - Kinship

Kin Groups and Descent. The Waimiri-Atroari term for people is ki?inyá, and they traditionally divided their social world between kiinyá (we people) and ka?aminyá (others). Aska includes kinsmen and coresidents, whereas ba?ashrá are Waimiri-Atroari who inhabit other villages. There are no clans or corporate groups.

Kinship Terminology. Waimiri-Atroari kinship terminology may be described as of the Dravidian type. All individuals classified at the same generational level are included in terms of bifurcation between cross cousins and parallel cousins; the latter correspond to the terms for brother and sister, the former are comparable to affines. Among the parallel cousins there is a secondary distinction between elder and younger, and a distinction of sex only among elder parallel cousins. At the first ascending and first descending generational levels, there is a distinction between cross and parallel relatives, as well as a secondary distinction between linear and collateral relatives. In the second ascending generation and above, all men are called by one term and all women by another term. In the second descending generation and below, all are classified by a single term with no distinction by sex.

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