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The Konds are a Dravidian people traditionally inhabiting the hill country of the Eastern Ghats of India. In Phulbani District, central Orissa State, they occupy an area lying Between 19° and 20° N and 83° and 84° E. Their population in 1971 was 911,239. The name "Kond" (plural Kondulu) means "mountaineer," from the Telugu word meaning "hill."

However, they refer to themselves in their Kui language as "Kui people." There are several different tribes of various origins who speak the Kui language; for clarity's sake the term "Kond" is used here to refer to members of that specific tribe.

Kui (and its closely related dialect, Kuvi) is a Dravidian language with strong resemblance to Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada in grammar. Although Kui does not have its own script, it has borrowed the Oriya script.

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