Mikir - History and Cultural Relations

Some traditions point to the eastern portion of the Khasi and Jaintia Hills (near the Kopili or Kupli River) as the original Mikir homeland. The Mikir themselves designate this region as Nihang and call their current homeland Nilip. Before settling in their present locale, their history was dominated by intermittent conflict with Naga tribes, Kukis, and Khasis. After a brief period of conflict with the Ahoms (who occupied their present homeland) the Mikir placed themselves under the protection of the Ahom king in Sibsagar, and they are said to have refrained from armed conflict since that time. Unlike their more warlike neighbors, the Mikir have since occupied themselves with basic subsistence activities. Memory is retained of an early king, Sot Recho, who the Mikir believe will return to Earth one day. There are also architectural remains in the northern Mikir Hills, the construction of which is ascribed to the gods.

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