Nambudiri Brahman - Religion and Expressive Culture

The Nambudiris are Hindus. The higher-ranking Nambudiris perform pujas (individual worship rituals) and sacrifices in their own homes but do not work as ritual specialists for Others. The main pujaris (temple priests) are Tamil Brahmans or Brahmans from South Kanara, though in a few temples there are also Nambudiri or Kerala Brahmans. Kerala has been innovative in providing training and certification for well-trained lower-caste pujaris.

The most important ceremonies celebrated in Kerala among Hindus are Vishu, Onam, and Thiruvathira. In addition, traditionally there were numerous temple festivals, and on occasion Nambudiris were involved in performing Important large Vedic sacrifices (Agnicayana), which could take as long as ten days and required months of preparation. Traditionally, no non-Brahmans were supposed to hear the words of the Veda or be present during a Vedic sacrifice. As among all Hindus, there is a strong belief in reincarnation.

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