The people of Belguim are called Belgians. The ancestors of Belgium's present population are believed to have settled there during the fourth century AD . The Flemings, comprising about 60 percent of the population, are of Dutch descent. The Walloons, about 35 percent, are of French descent.

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Sep 23, 2019 @ 12:12 pm
The Belgian Armed Forces have about 47,000 active troops. In 2010, Belgium's defense budget totaled €3.95 billion (representing 1.12% of its GDP). They are organized into one unified structure which consists of four main components: Land Component, or the Army; Air Component, or the Air Force; Naval Component, or the Navy; Medical Component. The operational commands of the four components are subordinate to the Staff Department for Operations and Training of the Ministry of Defense, which is headed by the Assistant Chief of Staff Operations and Training, and to the Chief of Defense.

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