The people of Iran are called Iranians. People who trace their descent to Iran, sometimes called Persians (a historical name for Iran), are nearly half the total population of Iran. Kurds make up about 9 percent. Groups of Azerbaijanis live in Iran, especially in major cities like the capital city, Tehran. Nomadic groups migrate in spring and fall between high mountain valleys and hot, lowland plains. The important nomadic groups include the Qashqai, Qajars, Bakhtiari, Baluchi, and Turkmens. For more information on the Baluchi, see the chapter on Pakistan in Volume 7; and on the Turkmens, the chapter on Turkey in Volume 9.

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Kathrine Gel Fuentes
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Sep 25, 2015 @ 8:20 pm
Now, I know much more about Iran and other countries. Just open this link and see the ease.
Base on my observation, this site has an objective that you will be able to know better the country so that when you went to that country, you will know their culture, tradition, clothing, religions and many more.

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