"Kalibuga" (Kolibugan) means "mixed breed" and refers to the Subanun of the Philippines who have intermarried with the Tausug and Samal. Kalibugan, who number about 15,000, live in villages on the coast in western Mindanao. Most have converted to Islam. Their culture shares elements with those of Subanun, Tausug, and Samal.

See also Subanun


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hi ..
i just wanna know more informations about the kalibugan tribe..
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I want to ask any more information about kalibugan tribe because I have term paper about this tribe?
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@ mary & jovelyn : My thesis is about Kolibugan (sorry, not Kalibugan). It's there at the UP-Diliman Institute of Islamic Studies. The title is "Kolibugan Gukum: An Indigenous Legal Institution for Dispute Settlement in a Muslim Community Should you need more information e-mail me at manny_papers@yahoo.com Good luck.

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