Azoreans - Kinship

Kin Groups and Descent. Azoreans retain the family structure and living arrangements of traditional peasant Culture. The nuclear family core is extended by generation, by collateral and spiritual kin. Shared and proximate dwellings indicate ubiquity of close kin. Naming patterns reflect bilateral descent: two surnames are given to each child, the mother's first, then the father's. Male emigration strengthens bonds of kinship among women. Residential proximity to a bride's kin is preferred. Residues of patriarchy, historically a class phenomenon, are observable in the social standing and commercial prominence of original donatario families (e.g., Bettencourt, Silveira, Souza).

Kinship Terminology. Kin terminology is formally Eskimo in type, although cousin ( primo ) terms may be extended to include friends and in-laws. Traditional respect for elders is implicit in the important role of padrinho/a (godparent).

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