Creoles of Nicaragua

ETHNONYMS: Criollos, Miskito Coast Creoles, Morenos, Negros


Gordon, Edmund T. (1987). "History, Identity, Consciousness, and Revolution: Afro-Nicaraguans and the Nicaraguan Revolution." In Ethnic Groups and the Nation State, edited by CIDCA (Centro de Investigaciones y Documentación de la Costa Atlantica, Instituto Nicaragüense de la Costa Atlantica)/Development Study Group, 135-168. Stockholm: Development Study Unit.

Holm, John (1982). The Creole English of Nicaragua's Miskito Coast: Its Sociolinguistic History and a Comparative Study of Its Lexicon and Syntax. Ann Arbor, Mich.: University Microfilms International.


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I would like to know the political organization of the creoles, way of administrating justice an taking desission...

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