Black Creoles of Louisiana

ETHNONYMS: Afro-French, Black Creoles, Black French, Creoles, Créoles, Créoles Noirs, Creoles of Color


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I'm tracing my family history and am currently finding myself stuck in the Lafayette area. My family (African-American) name is Garner. I'd like to find more information on our possible connection to any Creole roots. Help if you can...thank you.
My mother recently told me that I'm creole and both my family mother and father roots are in Lousiana. Including: Forest hill, batonrouge, and alexandria. However, i have no information on my family, which is sad, I'm so interseted with little to go on. I have recently been searching for my family tree and found nothing. I would like to have more info to live out a creole livestyle and follow it's traditions. Can anyone help me out. All I know is that My grandmother name was Annette Dorsey and my grandfather name was Bill Dorsey. Help?
Leon Laws
There are a lot of resources out there, believe it or not when it comes to our ancestry. Most of the good record keeping were done at the time of French occupancy as they wanted to keep track of it’s people, even though some were enslaved. They were the only ones who allowed us to keep some kind of identity in the Americas. You can try or to find your answers. It may take awhile to find what you’re looking for, but my mom with the help of my Great Aunt, who still speaks her native language gave her a list of people in our family from her mom and dad to the name of her grandparents. Our family resided in Jeanerette, LA, before leaving to such places as Atlanta, Texas, California and Washington.
barbara boowden
I am looking for my an cestors named PLUMMER PLEASE HELP My Father was named Edward Plummer was from Louisiana. He was stationed in wilmington NC in early 1940 and 1942 was kllled on a ship that was bombed just after I was born. If any one can help me PLEASE LET ME KNOW

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