Mescalero Apache

ETHNONYMS: Apaches de Cuartelejo, Apaches del Rio Grande, Apachi, Faraones, Mezcaleros, Natage, Natahene, Querechos, Sierra Blanca Apaches, Teyas, Tularosa Apaches, Vaqueros


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User Contributions:

Thank you, I am Mescalero Apache, according to the stories told to me by my Grandmother, much that was not known, now is.
I am writing a trilogy and my character is part Indian and part Caucasian such as myself. However, as opposed to writing the character as part CHerokee, which I am, I wanted to learn more about the Mescalero Apache heritage and culture as I think this culture would be more appropriate for my character. Even though it is fiction I would like to make the character and storyline as factual as possible where this culture is concerned. My question is that is there anyone who still has ancestral ties whether it's books or documentation of some kind that would be willing to interview with me and who is Mescalero Apache themselves. They would, of course receive full credit and mention in my book.

Thank you for letting me inquire.

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