ETHNONYMS: Cuchano, Cuchan, Cushan, Yum, Yuma


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For all The Quechan native american indians around the world and many others. My name is Day. i am seventeen years of age and i am a full blood native american. as i have lived in Winterhaven and Yuma Arizona i have learned that my tribe is very dedicated to teaching many in the tribe our history and culture. we may not seem like that to many or to others who know nothing of us but we are all working to show our children and grandchild and great grand kids many things for our futures.
Many of us Natives try hard and even if we do wrong or never strive at school we do end up becoming something for our future. I know not what i speak, but as a child who has been abused, abandoned and left behind. i have learned that you should never let yourself down or put anybody else down, because some day that person will rise. If not now then Later is what i always say.
as a native american and as i grow older i am hoping and wishing to teach many of the young children in the tribe about our history and keeping it strong. we must keep our language, our way of living and show the world who we really are instead of putting it all down.

thanks for readying this. i am Quechan and my grandfather is Wallace Antone and my Grandmother is Barbara Levy. My Mother is Valentina Antone and Father is Daniel Felix Duran. Thank you for reading. i know that you probably may not understand but what i will say is KEEP LIVING AND LIVE HARD. TEACH OUR CHILDREN AND SO FORTH TO LET THE WORLD KNOW WHO WE ARE.
I think that is great, that your are sending a message of fortitude of our culture. Our future lies in the hands of the Youth of today.
Day Antone-Duran
thank you,

i re-read my last comment and i misspelt some things. Since its been a year since i last wrote it that is. :)
But yes i am proud of being native american, and i am also proud at what our tribe has also been doing recently. i have heard more things recently and have seen more things, like putting a statue of an eagle for the world to see to let them know who we are , but not only that but also representing our history and what we've done. Oh and how we have a shop and history museum and how more people are teaching their kids more about OUR native language. it makes me really proud and makes me realize how if we don't keep it going or if we don't teach ourselves these things, we will have nothing and we won't have a culture at all, or even race.

this stuff is important to teach, it is what makes us!
once again, i am proud to let the world know that we are not just who they think we are but we are PEOPLE! People who want a future and want what is best for our lives and future. i am saying this to all other people aswell who think that we are bad people, i want them to know we aren't because we have goals like they do too, we are all equal and we are all one of the same, just because our skin is not that same as their's , we still have a heart and a soul and we also both have the same ideas.

well , thank you for reading my post and now that i am older and a little much more wiser,
i hope that the world knows who we are and what we stand for and what we do and that we are not just people of everyday living, we are people with a motive and a goal, with a future and a strong soul. :)


Day Antone-Duran
BO DeNeco
Day Antone Duran: I'm not sure when you wrote this, but I happened upon your writing while researching the Quechan peoples. My grandfather may have been full blooded Quechan, my mother now in her 90s show DNA attributed to this indigenous tribe. So am just genuinely curious about his youth in Yuma; and what that culture in the late 1800s might have been like for him. He was born in Julian, but lived on the rez early in his life based on story my mother tells. His mother a healer/curandera and midwife; his father a worker in the Julian area mines. He was a very very tall man, which I've now read is a physical trait for this tribal group. He was 6 ft 4" which as you know is not usual for most people, let alone Mexican...which is what we thought he was until recently pointing us in the direction of the Ft. Yuma tribe. Enjoying learning more. This year will attend the Winterhaven Quetchan Pow Wow.

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