ETHNONYMS: Wah-shoes, Wahshoo, Washaws, Washew, Washo, Washoo


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to whom this may concern,
I am an Early childhood teacher doing a preschool unit on the Washoe tribe 3-5 yrs. at a Catholic school and Convent ( I am be coming a nun in Ohio.I am in a convent i worked at the head Start in Carson City from March 2005 November 2006
i learned a lot from you and loved working with the people of the Washo tribe they were so good to me and because of this i don't want children here to miss your traditions of the dancing music Indian Tacos I loved.
Can you give me some basic info for these ages to under stand I am telling them about Da-so-La-lee's baskets if you have a story i can make in to a felt board story to share and music a craft to do with them other than preschool weaving Music you sang I really appreciate the ethic of your culture will you share with other young Children
God Bless you
Corinth MArie Ruffo Postulate of Oblate Sisters of the Sacred Heart

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