ETHNONYMS: Camileroi, Euahlayi, Gunilroy

The Kamilaroi were an Aboriginal group located in New South Wales, Australia, along the Barwon, Bundarra, Balonne, and upper Hunter rivers and in the Liverpool plains. They are now nearly extinct and only a small number remain. The Kamilaroi language, which is no longer spoken, is classified in the Pama-Nyungan Family of Australian languages.

The Kamilaroi were nomadic hunters and gatherers with a band-level social organization. Important vegetable foods were yams and other roots, as well as a sterculia grain, which was made into a bread. Insect larvae, frogs, and eggs of several different animals were also gathered. Various birds, kangaroos, emus, iguanas, opossums, echidnas, and bandicoots were among the important animals hunted. Dingo pups were regarded as a delicacy. Fish were also consumed, as were crayfish, mussels, and shrimp. Men typically hunted, cleaned, and prepared the game for cooking. Women did the actual cooking, in addition to fishing and gathering. Individual Kamilaroi did not eat animals that were their totems, although the Euahlayi, a related group, did not observe this restriction.

Their complex kinship and marriage system has made the Kamilaroi a group of considerable anthropological interest. At the most general level of social organization, the Kamilaroi were organized into exogamous matrimoities. Both moities were divided into four marriage classes. Also present within the moities were various sibs and lineages, each represented by several totems and subtotems. Descent was Matrilineal. The Kamilaroi had a four-class marriage system. Exogamy was the rule for each kin group, from the lineage through the moiety. Paternal half-sister marriage was reportedly the preferred form among the Euahlayi. The primary Economic units were the bands, which were composed of several households. Matrilineages were represented by subtotems and organized into a matrisib, which had its own totem. The sibs were members of one or the other matrimoieties. Intersecting with these groups based on kinship and descent were the four marriage classes, all of which were common to both matrimoieties.

Rites were held to encourage the propagation of totems. There were initiation ceremonies for both sexes, with circumcision for boys. Shamans ( wireenun ) concerned themselves with curing illness and communicating with their dream spirits, who were often sent out on information-gathering missions. The Kamilaroi believed in an "All Father," the moral and kindly deity in the sky who received the souls of good Aborigines upon their death. Each individual was believed to have a soul, a dream spirit, and a shadow spirit. Sickness or death was believed to result if one's shadow spirit were molested or captured by a shaman. Some individuals also had the aid of a spirit helper.


Fison, Lorimer, and A. W. Howitt (1867). Kamilaroi and Kurnai: Group Marriage and Relationship, and Marriage by Elopement. Oosterhout, the Netherlands: Anthropological Publications.

Parker, K. Langloh (1905). The Euahlayi Tribe: a Study of Aboriginal Life in Australia. London: Archibald Constable.

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Hi MY father is of Kamilaroi decent and i have been looking for info and found this website very helpful thatnks for shedding some light!
hello:) This website helped for my s&e assesment and i found alot of food & gathering :D
Nice, really helped me with my assignment. Thanks a bunch =)
I was just wondering if someone could reply and tell me if Walgett is apart of the Kamilaroi tribe.
THank-you very much this website has helped me alot with my assighnment at my primary school. I've tried a whitchety grub and they taste like peanut butter. My great grandmother was a full blood aboriginal The Gamiliroi tribe is nearly EXTINCT and is dieing out who knows we could be close to the only few hundred left.
My great grand father mother is from the Kamilaroi tribe (WEE WAA)???, iwas just wondering if anybody could suggest were i could find more information about us!!
Thanks Kylie
Perhaps it would be more appropriate if this article was written in the present tense, as although Kamilaroi people are not many in number, many are very active within Aboriginal communities and it could be seen as offensive that here they are spoken about as "dying out".
Although athropologically speaking numbers are reducing, there are still many people who identify with this culture.

But that is just my opinion :) very interesting article, thank you.
Dr. Catherine Demosthenous
Look online for information on the annual Myall River Massacre commemoration ceremony, which is held over the first weekend in June, and come along. It's a deeply moving and spiritual experience, and one in which all Gamilaroi ancestors and friends are made welcome.
I am a descendant of the Kamilaroi Tribe, and Moree has been mentioned with that. Looking for info, good to find basic info here. I havn't read the full article on this site yet but will do so soon. We should definetly be spoken about in the present tense, we are alive after all right? Well I am alive, but hey, it was good to find this like I said. Aahhh my tribes nearly extinct, that can't be good, I am trying to find out about my tribe. I'd love to learn the language of my tribe. i call it my tribe, dunno if I should but I did. Good luck finding info everyone, I will first use the internet then speak to Indigenous Australians.
I love being able to find out information about my background. I am second generation I think and want to know everything about our ancestors to teach my kids. Although I am not full blood I am still very much at home when I am in the bush. My family came from Narrabri and one day want to return to my roots in the mean time I am going to learn all I can, I am proud of who I am and where I come from.
Looking for any living relatives with the last name Carr, Cutmores or Riley's. My great great grandmother was Caroline Richards nee Carr. Her husband was John Richards. He is buried in Bengerang with their daughter. Wanting to connect with Carr relatives. I was made aware of my Aboriginality Fifteen years ago, however I have suspected for a while.
I want to know who my Great great grandmother's family are, and if she had siblings prior to her marriage in the 1860's.
Look forward to any information.
Caroline Oakley
hi my husbands great grandmother ( rachael ) was born on a mission in Werris Creek - She was fostered by John and Eliza Colebull this was in the 1850's perhaps - although my husbands family tree has been fully explored and this information has come forward we still don't know why she was fostered and if she had any siblings or parents apparently the records were destroyed in a fire at the Gunnedah School of Arts - but are these the only records?? planning a visit to the area and would like to try and find out a bit more!! thanks for any help
I am so excited to have found this site. My Great Great Great Great Grandmother is the Caroline Richards (nee Carr) that you have referred to. I am really wanting to get intouch, and find out more history, photo's etc. My children, 2 blond and 2 dark, compete in the aboriginal state athletics, one actually went through for allschools nationals as a high jumper. I would love to know as much as possible about Caroline. She married John Richards and I have some interesting dates you may be interested in for missing birth registrations. Please contact me asap. Simone
I have just finished reading "The Red Chief" by Ion L. Idriess. It is an old book published in 1953 and details the customs and life of the Kamilaroi Group of Gunn-e-darr (Gunnedah) under their Chief Red Kangaroo who strengthened this small tribe in the early 1800s by changing back the ancient laws that greedy elders had twisted and by raiding women from surrounding tribes. It mentions localities in the area, many which still carry the same names today. The rocks used for lookouts are still there today. There is also detail in how the small children were taught to find food, read tracks, stalk prey and avoid enemies and how the men used their weapons in fights. The story was recorded from Bungaree, the last full-blooded member of the Gunn-e-darr tribe. Copies can be found at biblioz.com
Hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I did
Gilly I have just read your article and I am totally surprised to see that you are related to Rachel, whom I am also related. She is my G.G.Grandmother. I have been looking everywhere for information, high and low and keep hitting a brick wall. I have emailed the government asking for their assistance but I haven't heard anything as yet.I am also in contact with various people hoping they will contact me with something. I have also been in contact with the Gwydir Family Historical Society and had a reply saying they couldn't help but will pass on my email to someone who might be able too.If I hear anything I will let you know.I would really like to know if she was a if she was in the "KAMILAROI TRIBE". In the BDM of NSW it shows she was married twice and all her siblings, her daughter Florence is my G.Grandmother. As far as the Colebulls go ,well I could only find a marraige certificate for them and nothing else .Here is the funny thing, I found all these siblings belonging to John and Eliza Bull that were born in Tamworth. So did they change their name as well from Colebull to Bull.

Just letting you all know that our annual Myall River Massacre commemoration ceremony is being held on 11 June 2011 at Myall Creek, west of Inverell on the Bingara-Delungra Road, and starts at 9.30am.

Hope to see you there ;)

'Ngiyani winangay ganunga', which means, 'we remember them'...
In memory of the Wirrayaraay people who were murdered on the slopes of the Myall Creek ridge in an unprovoked but premeditated act in the late afternoon of 10 June 1838.
I found this site by accident but it's great to relate to other people searching for info on the Kamilaroi.
I have been researching my family history for approx. 12 years now but always hit a brick wall. My G.Grandmother is Betsy and G.Grandfather is William Neil, my Grandfather was born on Come-by-Chance Station and as far as I can find there were 4 children altogether. I have spoken to Jean Hamilton (who wrote "Just Lovely") and she confirmed that Betsy was in her family but unfortunatly I have lost contact with Jean. Anyone out there who can help me - surnames are Neil, Yates, Larkins.
I am a decendant of Kamilaroi peoples...Anyone have any info on my family surname COMBO from Collerenbri area. GG.Granparents are George and Fanny Combo (George known as the king as ive been told), G Grandparents Augustus and Dorothea ( also know as dorothy, doris) Combo (August the last aboriginal witch doctor) and My grandamother Elva Combo believed to have been raised on a mission in Walgett. Would appreciate any info or in their are another other decendents that have a black snake as their totem.
Hi Gilly and Wendaleene,

In our family tree we have a Rachael Bull dating to the same time as your Rachael Colebull. She is my mother's great great great grandmother. Rachael Bull has always been a bit of a legend in the family and we all knew about her from when we were quite young, because she helped the bushranger Ben Hall hide from the police. One day my mother was contacted out of the blue by a lady who was reseaching the family tree who traced it down to us, via Rachel Bull. She asked us if we knew Rachel was Aboriginal, and we had had no idea! She then told us that she was Kamilaroi and had been taken into foster care at young age to live with a minister and his wife in Taree. Thanx to the dedication of this one lady (whose name I have forgotten) quite alot of reseach has been done into the family tree. We have since met extended family which has been fantastic, and I think that once a year there is a family re-union. My mother knows more about this than me, but if you are interested let me know.
: )
Simone O'C
Just a quick note to say the Gamilaraay are not nearly extinct, we were not nomadic, our language is still spoken and our law and ceremonies are still practiced.
just a quick note was there any rutledges names mentioned in the kamilaroi tribes any where
Hi, I'm pretty sure Walgett is part of the Kamilaroi tribe. They roamed the area through the Liverpool Plains to Dubbo.
My g grandmother was from this tribe. She lived around Moree.

I am of Kamilaoi descent. I have 2 young daughters who I have bought up to be proud of their Indigenous heritage. They like me are extremely proud and have an extraordinary future ahead of them.

Thank you for this site. I am going to get my daughters to read this brief intro to their ancestral history.
Like many I have had difficulty in researching my family tree on my mothers side. I have been told by a family member that Jean Hamilton carer/friend was trying to contact the family of Alfred Fraser son of Emma Yates and William Fraser. I was told that we are related(?) Possibly through Harry Yates. My mother (deceased) remembered that the family from Walgett once visited her family in Sydney and lost contact. If Jean is still wishing to contact us please post a response or email

I would also like to know if Dr Catherine Demosthenous is a sibling of Susan, Steven and Helen.?
I feel that my family name Richards/ Carr has many brick walls.
Not one person can come up with any information on Caroline Carr and her husband John Richards.
Caroline Richards nee Carr owned "Bengerang" and Cole Malloy probably forced her to sell, as she was Aboriginal. Would like to know who owns the property today.
Again, I would be happy if any of the elders knew any thing about Carr's Blacks or Caroline's family, her father and her unknown Aboriginal mother. My family is like a mystery that nobody wants to acknowlege. I would like to address to everyone, I acknowlegde my Aboriginal heritage, and I'm proud of it. Gamilaroi has a history, so why is mine such a mystery.
White history has a black past. Don't forgett that Moree.
Hi Simone,
I had to read your reply a few times, I can't believe that you know this information. It's absolutely fantastic, I can't tell you how excited I am. Anything you can tell me about Rachel would be so much appreciated. I found out about Rachel at the beginning of the year and I have been very busy going in all directions just trying to find certificates, family members, photos basically anything I could put my hands on. Where abouts do you have the family gathering ?I will wait for your reply, Thanks again Simone =)

Kind Regards Wendaleene
Hi caroline,
caroline carr was my fathers g,g grandmother.caroline was born in 1849 at tindiner or tyndyner I dont have any history of her parents unfortunitely she had 6 children john,george,ester,samuel,emma,caroline.John Richards was born in Kidderminster England in1814,came to Australia in 16-3-1834 when he got his certificate of freedom.He was prisoner no.31-1818 on the ship surry 5.Offence was stealing a pair of scissors which he got 7 yrs.He was 5ft5 brown hair grey eyes.John and caroline were married19-3-1872 at bingerang station and she was buried 30-11-1909 in the presbyterian section at rookwood cemetery.I think its a shame that they put half caste as the occupation on the marriage certificate what an insult.I like you are proud of my ancestery but its a shame we cant trace it dont they care about Koori bloodlines.
I hope I answered a few of your questions.
Hi All,
I to am a descendant of the Kamilaroi Tribe from the New England region. My GGG Grandmother Mary was full aboriginal I have no surname for her. Mary had a daughter with my GGG Grandfather John Bradley from the Maneroo/Monaro region. Nancy Hummue or Hummuch was their child she never used her father's name. I am not sure how Mary came to be in this region but was a house keeper to John's family. I would be interested if any person has information. I interested in connecting with my heritage and to learn more about the Kamilaroi people.
Regards Maxine
I am also a descendant of Caroline Carr and John Richards, they are my great great grandparents.
I have a family tree with their children's birthdates etc. I also have a photo of John Richards grave. I would love to learn more about my past. I can be contacted at lisaespe_854@hotmail.com
Luke Pearson
The information on this page is grossly outdated and inappropriate. The only references used are from 1867 & 1905. We are not 'nearly extinct', not even close. In fact, we are a growing population. Please use a reference from the last 100 years... imagine writing an article about the English which only used 100+ year old references and you will quickly realise how far off the mark this page is.
Hi guys,
I have been trying for some time now to find out about my Aboriginal Ancestors, my Great Grandmother was aboriginal, her name was Mary Toovey.
Her parents were James Toovey and Florence Karkoe.
I have been led to believe that the tribe we belong to is the Kamilaroi Tribe but cant confirmt this.
Does anyone know if there is a way i can find out for sure? Perhaps the local landcouncil or something?

Hi Simone and Wendaleen,

I am Gilly's neice and I, too, am very excited about this new information about Rachel. Like you Wendaleen I have spent a few years trying to get somewhere and was doing another internet search tonight and stumbled across Aunty Gilly's message. I am interested in knowing everything I can. Please contact me.

Thankyou very much

Deb H
hello Simone and Wendaleen and my neice Deb
its been a long time since I've looked back at this site.
This is exciting as we thought we hit a dead end but not so thank you for posting,I can send you pics and info privately. but there's this the lady who told you of the reuions is Ken's aunty Monica and she reserched the Balding family history - went to Gunnedah where the beginnings of our family started. Have the story of Ben Hall etc in our copy - Rachel was married twice - ther were 12 children born of the first marriage all Baldings - then Rachel married her 2nd husband William Smith in Cessnock on 23.3.1922. Rachel died aged 87 yrs 21.3.44 and is buried in Rookwood cemetery grave 1589 Anglian section 15.Simone you are in our family book I have a colour photo of you and your mum and sister. Did you ever go to any of the reunions they were held in a park in Doonside NSW close to where Aunty Monica and Uncle Keith used to live. Aunty Monica now lives is a nursing home in Thirroul NSW. Need more info from you wendaleen to see where you fit mothers name fathers name grandparents but you can do this privately - what a family !! still growing
Joanne Rudd
My name is Joanne and my mother is from the Kamilaroi people of Coonabarabran, Burra Bee Dee mission. My grandfather was Jack (Sonny) Goulding and he died at a young age and my mum and the family left Coona and came to Sydney. We don't know much about my grandfather's side of the family and I would love to find any Gouldings or anyone who may be related to the Gouldings. My grandmother was Eliza Goulding nee Sorby.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Rachel Weed
I have reason to believe that my Grandmother Nance Nereda Brown is Koori. She had 3 Brothers Noel, Arthur and Rex. She was born in November (30th?) 1924? Her birthplace was Tamworth. I have been searching for information for a while now. If anyone has information it would much appreciated. Thanks
We also are related to Caroline Carr/Richards. We have the same info as Max Richards. Would love to find out who Caroline's parents were We do not know who to contact for this type of info. This is a sensational site bt the way.
We also are related to Caroline Carr/Richards. We have the same info as Max Richards. Would love to find out who Caroline's parents were We do not know who to contact for this type of info. This is a sensational site bt the way. ps. Our ancestor was William Richards, his daughter Caroline was my husbands grandmother.
Kamilaroi isnt EXTINCT - I am a proud Aboriignal Kamilaroi/Gomeroi man, sad that people dont get to knoe real people, WE are alive and still speak our language it is being bought back into schools and our own mob,Kiarni-Sis you should check your facts, we are and always will be the 2nd biggest Aboriginal tribe/nation in NSW and I am proud to be a part of Kamilaroi,,, be proud sis who you are because there's a big mob out there that apparently you dont wanna know...
Robyn Fleming
Hi Gilly, Deb, Simone & Wendaleene,
I have been in contact with Wendaleene regarding Rachael Bull. Rachael was my stepfather's grandmother. His name was Eric George Ivimey son of Sarah Ellen Balding daughter of Rachael. I have been in touch with Eric's niece Eunice daughter of Shirley Ivimey granddaughter of Rachael Bull.
Eunice said that she had been to a Balding reunion about 12 or 13 years ago, and had seen a photo of Rachael seated on a chair outside, and that she looked like a full blooded aboriginal to her. Does anyone have this photo or seen it? Would love any information or photos of the family.
Regards Robyn.
@caroline oatly.. I'm not to sure but I'm asking my mum, but the names Riley, Carr and cutmore sound familiar..
hey does anyone know the totem, and the name of the indigenous aboriginal people of the area around casino, nsw
Bruce Hirst
I am researching my family and have a strong believe my great grand mother was a koori from Narrabri. Her name was Ann Jane Newshan who married Thomas Joils their daughter was Irene Lottie Joils.
Can anyone put someight on my family connection
susan kauschke
i have just found this site by accident.. i am tracing my family on my fathers, fathers side.. i believe my gg grandmather was aboriginal. i know my g grandmother was born in barraba in 1900 and on her birth certificate her mother is listed as margaret.. no surname.. her fathers name is Harry J Neaves. i remember photos from when i was young of my g grandmother who looked aboriginal.. but sadly this was never discussed in our family.. does anyone know where i begin to look for answers?
Bianca Gander
Hi all.i'm wondering if anyone can help me out,my grand mother's name is Barbara jean Beresford/Moore/Gander from around moree,i was born there also and would like to find out more about my background.Beresford was her madien name i think and Moore and Gander were her married name's..as far as i know i still have family living in Coroona nsw,not sure if i spelt that correct..
Hi all, I'm happy for all those who are connecting and a little jealous as I too have hit a brick wall. My mothers, mother's family is Aboriginal. I believe they were part of the Kamilaroi Tribe also and from Sunny Corner Gostwyck/Uralla/Moree. I am after any information on the surnames Williams, Castle and Queny Last know history records I have are of the marriage certificate of Alfred Williams and Ellen Castle married in Uralla in 1872 with no parent information for me to continue my family tree.
Hello, I was wondering if the last name spicer from bingara comes to any ones mind,my great grandmother was adopted at birth Edna spicer by people with the last name piddick,I'm struggling to find any family history at all.. im married to a beautiful adnymathnya\arabunna women from south Australia. I want to be able tell my son about my family's history.My partner knows the land and where she's connected to.
Any information would be greatfully appreciated.
My great great grandmother was Mary Ann Margaret McKenzie of Gunnedah. Would love info or family history. Have heard she was unofficial midwife and well respected in community?
Hello, like many of you I have hit the same brick wall in finding out more about my Aboriginal ancestors. A few years ago my mother revealed to me that her father is Aboriginal. I believe that he is part of the Kamilaroi Tribe in Quirindi. His name is William Elsley and it may be possible that he was part of the stolen generation in the early 1900's. I have little info on him but I have confirmed that he worked at the Chullora Railyards in the late 1920's. He lived a short time in Lithgow with his mother when he met my Grandmother and had two children and sadly kept it secret from our family of the fact that she had children out of wedlock and to an Aboriginal man. Most records that I tried to get have either been destroyed or not recorded. I have done the rounds with the different departments for access to Family Records with no success. I am hoping someone out there will have some information about my Aboriginal Heritage and proud of my Kamilaroi Family Ancestory.
What was the kamilaroi total animal? How would one find out their own totem if from the stolen generation?
Kerrie Walden nee Ruttley
My name is Kerrie and this message is for Stanley Hawkins my mother was a Ruttley from Baradine if that is the name you were looking for.
Also to Joanne Rudd my mother is descended from the Gouldings from Coonabarabran and I do have some family history on them if you are interested.
Afternoon, was wondering if there is any useful sites that might be able to help me in connecting with my Great-Grandmothers past. My Grandmother was Mary Waugh born Balmain then apparently was brought up by a family in Narrabri who either owned a pub or leased it when she was young. Once old enough had 1 x son then after that married Reginald carter in Manilla gave birth to x amount of children, then married Fred Cochrane also giving birth to x amount of children also in Manilla. Mary's mother is also Mary who apparently was born or brought up in Wagga Wagga as my research has alot of gaps due to not being able to find Birth, Death records. Most of Mary's children live in Manilla 1x daughter Cath Mckenzie also George Carter. Hoping someone can assist or lead me in the right direction.
Christine Nichols

My mothers family have been telling me for years that my father was Aboriginal.

I have been looking for information for some six years now and can't find anything.

The only information I have to go on is that my grandfather was born in Quirindi 1870-75

He was called Walkback Jack. On my father Ernest Birth Certificate (1904) Walcha it states

Father John Speeding Mother Emily Fletcher.

If some one could point me in the right direction for finding out my Aboriginal Heritage, I
would be very gratefull.

Carla Whitton
Hi wanna say that its good 2 have a web site like this 2 keep our cultra alive :)
Hi I am also seeking some more information about my family history. I know that my GGG grandmother Jinnie was the last full blooded aboriginal woman in the Gunnedah area. She had a child named Maggie or Margaret to an Irishman named Eugene Griffin. I have read the history of the Red Kangaroo which is fantastic! Anyone out there also connected with Jinnie or Margaret? Cheers
Hi My Great Grandmother was Rachel Contest from Coonabarrabran and my Grandfather Bruce Watton was born in Binnaway. Would like to know more family history if anyone has any.
Hi I'm trying to learn what I can about the Kamilaroi mob from Wallget as I have just found out I'm a descendent .My GGrandmothers last name was Peel thanks in advance :)
Elaine No 17 you might be related to me through the Larkin Retzow Speeding family.

please contact me.
looking for information of my gg grand mother her maiden name was irene cupid may seymour and her mothers name was harriet elizabeth benyon on help would be great from tintinhull kootingal area
Hi, i am looking for family history like most of you. my great great grand father's name was belcha dicks. i think he was born in coonabarabran. I am not sure of his wifes name but he had a daughter name doris dicks and she married thomas harris and they had children arthur, margaret, elsie, jean, linda, Any information would be greatful. thanks
I am looking for people with knowledge of Kamilaroi who can assist me to understand the language better. I am comparing Tamil, an ancient language from South India to Australian native languages and have observed that specially Kamilaroi seems to have many words in common. For example, place names like Katumba, Moree and family relationships like grandma and sister, descriptions of Bayami, animal names such as crow and dog etc seem to have cognates in ancient Tamil. Thank you.
kaperiera uruamo
My mother is eileen (teeny) sampson from moree, she spoke to me about kamilroy. My father is from Kaipara New Zealand. My brother died and has kamilroy on his headstone, i am proud to be associated with that iwi (people)
Greg Charet
Looking for anyone that may be related ?
My 2nd Great Grandfather Thomas Mason born manilla NSW 1850 Aboriginal Kamilaroi Man

Thomas applied in 1898 and receive a land grant from the Aboriginal Welfare Board later

Mother of Thomas Mason was Maria Mathews Kamilaroi Woman who had Thomas to a Matthew Mason on a property in the Manilla area ?

Thomas mason married Rosanna Owens in 1873 Walcha NSW they had 12 Children and lived at Redfern in the early 1900's as did the next 4 generation of my family

Thomas re Married in 1918 to Aboriginal woman Mary Anne Denham from Moree NSW but Died in 1919 from the Influenza Pandemic and buried in Moree -no children from secon Marraige Thomas was 69 years old and Mart Anne was 25 when the marraige occured -Lucky Thomas i think ?

Thomas Mason son of Thomas born Gunnedah 1874 and died 1938 Lidcombe Hospital
any information would be appreciated
hi would any one be able to tell me what tribe wee waa would be ive been told kamilaroi my faimly have been trying to find out what tribe we are from thank you so much
Brooke Paul
I would like to let Joanne Rudd (34) 2011 know that there is a face book page called Burra Bee Dee : Cousins Unite ,we are all desendants from the mission and i believe my cousin Bernadete Sorby (maiden name) who started the face book page would also be your cousin. have a look there are so many family members and information there. My families name is Griffiths.

I too found this site by accident and goodness me and i glad.
I have only known of my aboriginal background for a few years and dont know too much but know that my great grandfather William Ellisley (not sure of spelling) was Kamilaroi.

I would love to get any information anyone can help me with as i would love to learn as much as possible.

My father Gerry whom i dont have much contact with has recently moved to Moree and knows abit more about the Kamilaroi people but i am sure he would be interested to get anymore information that i can get.

Thank you so much and I am proud of my heritage and wish to pass on traditions and specials things to my two sons.
Nathan Brown
I am trying to trace my family history and I am from inverell so if anyone knows of places I can obtain records of my family could u please let me know.
Trying to find out what I can about my grandmother from Barraba. Ida Jenna or Genna (she spelt the name several ways on documents) who had aboriginal and chinese heritage. Married a man from Bingara and children born in Manila.
Elizabeth French

I just need help with my assignment about my tribe kamilaroi
Hi Christine,

I just found your message posted in August but don't know how to contact you. You can now email me please.
My great grandmother was one of the stolen generation I have been told . She was in a Catholice church Mission at Gulargombone and taken from there to Brown Horse Stud at Gilgandra. She grew up there and met a man named Mellick Kelly an Irish stockman and they had a female child named Victoria Brougham (my grandmother). Both parents left town and the child Victoria was left in the care of the Brown family ta the horse stud. Her name was then changed to Victoria Brown as she was adpoted by the Brown family.
This is all I know of my Kamillaroi heritage and other members of my Fathers family have also tried to delve deeper but have been advised that records weren't kept or were destroyed.
I live in Townsville and have 2 children of my own who identify as indigenous and want to carry on the traditions of the Kamillaroi but we feel there is chapters missing and would like to find out more.
Is there anyone out there that knows of the Brown family in that region or can point me in the right direction to find them?
darren gardner
Looking 4 info or photos on henry davis,
aboriginal born around 1866 occupation drover had a child to angelina gertrude reynolds,my gg grandmother angelina davis around 1896,family say he was from walgett,hopefull other descendants out ther somewhere can help me out,
Chris Nowland
I'm am hitting a brick wall finding information about my grandmother Peggy Ansell born in the Tamworth area. Does the name Ansell ring a bell with anyone?
Hi ...i have been told that i am of aboriginal descent from the kamilaroi tribe around qurindi ..i was told my great grandmother was of welsh and aboriginal descent and that any info on her was destroyed in the court house fires in quirindi...one family member has the info but wont reveal it to the remaining siblings...Mum never knew who her real mother was and it would be great that we learn who she was ..we are proud to think that we are of aboriginal descent and would love to be able to learn and teach our kids our heritage...i have been told my mother was taken from her mother as a baby by a drover (who was my grandfather? harold coward ..hes father was john thomas coward who also use to drove with him and also his brother daniel coward and son toby coward all use to drove together and then she was essentially registered as one of the coward kids in merriwa nsw. i have been told the last name we maybe related to are the matthews... but if ANYONE could help us locate this information for our families that would be great please..my mum has since passed away from a heritary cancer so would also like to try and connect with any family members if we can if we can find them ...thanking in advance Mary
Mary (74)...I don't know your family, but I can tell you a Harold Clyde Coward married a Rita Mary S French in Merriwa in 1931 and they had many children. There is a lady on Ancestry.com, going by the name of MaryGray1948 (maybe this is you?), that features your family...you might be lucky, she might be able to help you. Even if you just use the free introductory 2 week period, you will at least be able to make contact.
Good luck, Julez
I was adopted out and have discovered that my mothers family belong to the Kamilaroi people.

My gread grandmother was Mary Jane (Hanson)Davis born in Brewarrina in 1902. She married William Brown in 1921 in Walgett. Her mother was Sarah Wilson and I am pretty sure her father was Thomas Hanson.

If anyone has any information to help me on my search it would be greatly appreciated.

Yumma to everyone wich means hello in the kamillaroi language, my name is katelyn Lawson and my faters side is of Kamillaroi desendent. I would like to find out more about my tribe. I do not have a totem because i was told that you have to be givin one by an elder. As I am only 16th of aboriginal I believe that this little amount of blood is enough to make me indiginous and anyone that says that amount dosent count is wrong a little is better that nothing. If anyone has any information for me email me at kat.ruffroken.lawson@hotmail.com And that would be gratly appriciated.

THANKYOU YARLOO wich means goodbye !!! :)
Opening sentence = "The Kamilaroi were an Aboriginal group located in New South Wales". No offence but we still'ARE' and not in past tense of 'WERE'.

Thank you.
Kellie Hinton
Hi. I have been wanting for years to find out my Aboriginal family history. My farther tells me there are alot of our family in Sydney? My father is dying and hope to find out more about our family before he passes. If you could help me please :-).
Hi I'm looking for any thing I can get on my ggg grandfather Richard walker from moree . He married Mary Ann Riggs and had a daughter Annie my gg grandmother
Thank. Vicki
Claire Spargo
Hi my name is Claire Spargo and Caroline Carr (Richards) was my father (Les Spargo) great grandmother. His mother was Jean and Jean's mother was Emma (Caroline's daughter). I am looking for anymore information on the family, particularly information on any missions the family were associated to. I'm planning a trip to Moree to so some research but if anyone knows anything about missions or where the children grew up it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Claire
Jim Regan
G'day I'm Jim. I would like to receive information on my G Grandmother who went by a number of names but in 1889 she went by Harriet Bowler from the Cassilis,Curryal,Wollar area. She was racially a halfcaste therefor I am again racially an octoroon. My Grandfather was Sydney John Shearer ; his sister Lucy Bowler married George Weatherly. My research through the Dept Aboriginal Affairs had only one hit which was a petition for paternal recognition of a child (name unknown). I am from the Coolah area where the full and caste aboriginals were rounded up and placed in a camp at Turil from there these people were transferred to Wollar (perhaps around the Breelong Tragery and Jimmy Governor) and then to Brewarrina. Other names which may have been used are Bowler ,Bowling, Shearer, Hensley, Shearing, Bowland and Westherly. These may have been used because my Grandfather may have been fostered by these people.My Grandfather stated to my Mother that his Mother died after his birth 1891 but the petition was lodged in 1900. this research has been quite consuming as I am aware of most plights for information. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
HI I am trying to trace my kamilaroi family and proud to be part of ,,I hope the names ring home for you my gg grandmother Mary Anne Taylor,,my g grandmother Harriet Elizabeth Lowe,,my grandmother Florence Lavender also related to Sampsons please contact me if you are my family or can help..Chezz
Hi, I'm trying to find out more about my Kamilaroi hertiage, my grandmother was born at Forked Mountain (Coonabarabran) she was baptised at Burra Bee Dee in 1909, her mother was Annie Smith. Annie's mother was Elizabeth Ann Smith and her father was Thomas Goulding both from Burra Bee Dee. Elizabeth was born about 1865 at Mullaley/Goolhi, her parents being William Smith and Mary Ann Tighe, if anyone has any further information it would be very much appreciated.
i am looking for any info on nellie reid partner of albert trindall always known as bob trindall from weewaa or cuttabri late 1880s had 7 children nellie died 1913 had a brother billie reid last known at pilliga kindest regards muriel.
Hi Chezz Number 83 on list...Have noticed you note on May Ann Taylor..My husband is the Great Grandson of Emma Lowe Harriett Lavenders sister...please contact me on the email address
regards Lesley
Patrick Maloney
Hello all ive been find about my family heratige im related to Emily Jane GG Grandmother and Mary Irvin Great Grandmother any Info would be Greatly appreaciated thanks again Patrick Maloney/Obrian
Matthew Cutmore
hello all. I too am a proud Kamilaroi man from moree. i have dedicated a page on face book on the kamilaroi nation. if you are on there and wish to join if you already havent then do so. there is alot of MOB on there that may help you out.

Cheers Matt
I am interested in your Mary Tighe who married William Smith, I am missing a Mary Tighe who was the daughter of William Tighe and Ellen Griffin, married Garrawilla Station 1866.
Is this your interest?
Valerie Gray
Hello Nos 83 and 82. My great great grandmother was Harriet Elizabeth Lavender (nee Lowe). Harriet lived at Barraba near Tamworth. My great grandmother was Louisa Ross (nee Lavender), her mother being Harriet.
Sorry, I meant to say Nos 83 and 86 (Chezz and Lesley Morgan) Harriet had a number of children and there are a lot of Lavenders that live in the Tamworth district.
My mother was born at Coonabarabran around 1920 and was taken to Bomaderry Aboriginal Home as a baby. Her mother was Elizabeth who was from Baradine had three children Robert, Frances and Clarence. Robert was a tracker around 1930. Surnames Nash and Cameron. There is no info on BDM for them so would appreciate any assistance.
Hi Everyone
My sister,brothers and myself have been looking up our family tree with what we have been given about Jonh Henry Hamilton from Gunnedah as far as we have gotten is our trib is Kamilario. And Grace Ruby Smith her nick name(SCHMIDT)which she married Jonh Henry Hamilton from Gunnedah .Thats as far as we have got and would love to hear from anyone that could helps thanks .
PLEASE RING ME ON (02)98645092
this really helped me with my assignment, there are'nt many other sites that give good information like this.
I am researching my son in laws family tree for his paternal grandmother.

Mary Ann Taylor and Thomas Joseph Lowe were her great great grandparents. Her great grandparents, their son Thomas William Lowe and his wife Sarah Heathfield (their marriage certificate and his death cert confirms Thomas's parents, as I've found no record of his birth to date on BDM's). Their daughter, Myrtle Lillian Lowe was her grandmother. (Myrtle married Edward 'Ted' Ward)

My son in laws grandmother has no idea at this stage that she has Kamilaroi ancestry, and I want to have as much family information sorted out as I can before I show her her important heritage. Her late husband had Bandjalang ancestors (from the Grafton area).

I an hoping someone can help me fill in any gaps regarding the Lowe's/Taylor's, as there seems to be very little information on Mary 'Ann' Taylor. (I know she tragically died young after being run over by a dray).

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!
I hope my Kamilaroi family will find me.

My grandmother's name was Emma Saunders, she married Stephen Thomas Pearce. They had 9 children, my father was Charles Stephen Pearce. Emma and Stephen I believe are buried in Roma. Emma's mother was called Maria Davis. Is there anyone out there who can help me find out about this. Thank you.
this was very helpful to me for an assignment, there arent many good sites for kamilaroi people
Hi my name is Mark.Thorne and im from Walgett. i do Aboriginal Studies at MAtraville Sports High School. im doing a major project on in Aboriginal studies this year on Kamilaroi and the language and the tribe, i wanted to know what the totem is for Kamilaroi?
I am interested in findng out more about my grandfather John Edward Peachey born in Barraba married Sarah Brady
our mothers history has always been a secret but we know we are Blackfellas
Hi Michelle(95),my GG Grandmother was Harriett Elizabeth Lowe parents Thomas lowe and Anne Taylor I have been doing our family tree on her as well.

Mark Taylor
Re Comment 53 by Christine Nichols, My Great Great Grandmother, Mrs Francis Fletcher, born in 1865 became the Midwife in the Werris Creek area for many years. Her Daughter born in 1885, Miss Beatrice Fletcher, lived in the Werris Creek area all her life. The name Emily Fletcher sound familiar to me. There is a street in Werris Creek named after the Fletchers. Mark.
Debra Rose
Hi Tammy
My name is Debbie Rose and I come from Walgett. My mother's tribe is the Gamilaraay Tribe (there are afew versions on how you spell it Kamilaroi is one). Answer to your question - Yes Walgett is Gamilaraay. They were the first tribe so their land.
There are two lovely Aboriginal Women (elders name Aunty Fay Sands and Aunty Fay Green who can provide you with more info.
Hope the info helps

Kind Regards
Hi, I'm trying to research my g grandmother. Her name was Elizabeth Mary Shearer. Her parents were Edward Shearer and Susan Smith. Elizabeth married 3 times once to Jolley, once Brown and finally Franks. Anyone connected to these families please post. Elizabeth was a possibly a Kamilaroi woman and lived at various places during her life between Singleton and Tamworth.
Hi, I am trying to find any information on my father's family Brown and Bowden. I have found that my father has another brother they never knew of. We are trying to locate anything on him. His name is Belford Edgar Bowden born 22 October 1934 Texas QLD. On his birth certificate mother Minnie Bowden Link-up has not found anything they suggested maybe he was given to a family member we are not sure . My grandmother Minnie Bowden was born Terry Hie Hie moree and my grandfather Bill Brown was born Strathbogie station near Inverell NSW. I would appreciate any information.
Hi, are there any descendants of my uncle Bob Cameron out there? He was a tracker in the 1930's and a friend of fellow tracker Billie Robertson. He married and moved to Moree/Warialda. He was killed in a horse riding accident and is buried at Warialda cemetery. Looking also for descendants of Lizzie and George Cameron, Thelma Cameron and Dongie Cameron who lived at Burra Bee Dee. Thanks Jane
Hi! Have been researching my Great Great grandmother Louisa Mason sometimes goes by the name Lucy Mason or Louisa White she was born circa 1856 Tamworth Manilla Area she had 3 daughters and 1 son some born under the name Mason and some Dawson, family oral history told to us says that she was halfe caste kamilaroi, no birth death or marriage records can be found for her but it is believed she died about 1885/6 can anyone help?
Yeah thanks for this article. i'am apart of the kamilaroi tribe as my ancestors were fully aboriginal in this tribe. can anyone please help me find more research on my family??
Debbie Barker
Hello my name is Debbie Barker on my mothers side m a Gamilaroi descendant living in the Pilbara WA, my great grand mother's name was Florence Saunders, her daughter Daphne Ida Dillon had 5 children her only daughter Jill Spink is my mother.
My earliest memories as a child were spent growing up at the mission out side of Moree and because my skin colour is lighter I was moved around a lot so they decided to leave the mission and move to Sydney. Have made connections over the years with family in redfern but not as many back in Moree, so down the Saunders, Dillon, Monroe side Yarlu!
We are looking for info on Caroline Roy
Her mother was from this tribe as well but we keep
Hitting a brick wall , from coolah area
Does any one know of this lady as she is my
Great great grandmother
Any information would be great to know
My ggrandmother Catherine mary Smith born Billabong NSW on 21.3.1858 She married a Robert Hatch (a 3rd marriage he was married firstly to mary fallon secondly to mary ann dwyer) His father robert hatch 1805 was from newry reland, he was born in 1839 died 1916 -a policeman and auctioneer in Goulburn and she had 12 children with him. She remarried after Robert's death a John Mulhearne. Catherine died 19.7.1950 in Albury NSW (my grandmother her granddaughter lived to 106). Catherine was said to be be aboriginal descent (from the very trustworthy geneology researchers in the family) but the family kept it very secret for 50 years untill I asked about her eyes nd hair they thought I had discovered it. I was merey just making a comment. She married a robert hatch a policeman in Goulburn and later. Her parents were noted as Jane fallon and John darcy smith. These were from both from Ireland so I cant figure out how she came to be with them. The only information that I was told about how to find out about her was to trace her through the blanket distribution in northern NSW. She has many descendants and in her photo which I can share, was a very beautiful woman
I would like to find her family and connect with kin.
Best wishes
Hi Pamela, My Mary Tighe passed away on the 26/0/1879 she was in her mid thirties so I'm not sure if they are the same as that is all I know of Mary apart she had three children William Thomas Smith, Samuel Bruce Smith and Elizabeth Ann Smith and she married William Smith who was a baker and cook. Perhaps you may have more information. Cheers Leonie
Hi. I'm looking for any information on my grandfather. His last name was Bignell and I think he went by the first name 'jack'. Is known to come from Moree region and later moved to Newcastle area. Hoping someone may know of him. Think year of birth would be somewhere roughly around 1920s .
Michelle no 95
my husbands GGrandmother was Emma Lowe I have as well as other family members exstensive info on Lowe family if you wish to contact me please contact me
regards Lesley
hi every one my name is Karen bourke.happy to have found this page.ive just recently found out I am koori aboriginal hoping that some one or more than 1 person will recognize my surname and ancestors names and will be able to help me out with information they have.my grandmas name was mary Abigail june vitnell.her dob 19.5.1923,she passed 12.4.2013,she was born in dubbo nsw and was married twice-her married names-bourke and miguinnes. my dads name is james Alfred bourke,his dob,21.7.1941 and he was borne in parkes nsw.im looking for any information about my family history and ancestors that any one is able to help me out with please.i would greatly appreciate it :) I have been told that my tribe is managar(I don't know if ive spelt it right)I have searched every where on the net for it but have not found it.i have all so been told that me and my family are connected to wiradjuri and Kamilaroi.any confirmation for this would be great. does any one know the totems for managar,wiradjuri and Kamilaroi?im in the process of applying for a letter of proof of my aboriginality.i also want to find and contact my elders and living relatives but don't know who they are or where,any help on that would be great.my grandad on my dads name was eric nevil Dudley bourke,he was born in quiriendi nsw,his dob 20.5.1923 and passed 1964.my great grandad james patric bourke 1879-1948 was married to my great grandma mary Elizabeth randell 1883-1971.i have been told that my ancestors owned mudgee nsw but I don't know how long ago.i and my family are some how related to Diana mudgee and was from piambong,mudgee and referred to by others as rayner and raynor.married names=jennings,knight,philips, Phillips.if any one is able to help me out with any information I would greatly appreciate it.hope to hear from any one real soon.if you are able to help me out please email me at karenbourke6@bigpond.com.
Chris Nichols
Re: Comment (101) Mark thank you for the info. My grandmother was Emily Fletcher born Glen Innes around 1860. My grandfather
John/Jack Speeding was born Quirindi 1860-. I know a lot about the Adam Fletcher family. The Speeding family is the one I'm most interested in. Do you know if there are any midwifes' Historical papers from the Werris Creek area.
I look at this sight everyday, it has encouraged me, to find out all I can on My Heritage. Regards C. Nichols.
lorraine tasker (snow)
hi wondering if any one can help me track down my grandfathers history his name is Lionel Snow who married Dorothy vivian Wright in Walcha in 1932 they had 7 children all born at Walcha Road ...his parents were William and Mary Snow (nee Machaffery) its their history i am trying to find...would appreciate any info...thank
Shannon Goew
Hi There

I am wandering if anyone can shine some light on Dulcie Richards born 1913 in Moree please? I am her Great Granddaughter and trying to trace my family history but not much luck :-(
Hello everyone,
I like a few people on here am a descendent of Harriet Elizabeth Lowe my Great great grandmother, Emily Lavender is my grandfathers mother. I am learning about my aboriginal family but I would love to know more.

Thank you all so much
Jen J.
Susan C
My GGG parents were John Lavender (1855-1933?)and Harriot Low (1877-1936?) wonder if it is same Harriot Low referred to in other messages. Their son William Lavender was by gg father and his daughter Ruby Lsvender my G Mother. Only just discovered my connection to the Kamilaroi tribe, would love to know more about my Mothers family.
Hi Everyone,
I've just found out for certain that my Grandmother, Phoebe May Riley/Lowe was half aboriginal. Her mother, Emily Craddock/Riley married to Percy Daniel Riley, and her grandmother, Emma Lowe married to George Craddock were full blooded aborigines. I'm seeking more information though, with pictures perhaps. Anything to shed some light on something that has been unspoken of. I am wanting to find out Emma Lowes mother and father. Also their is mention of Charlotte Maud Lowe who is Emma's sister. My ancestors lived in the Bingara, Tingha, Inverell district.

I am also looking to find my Grandfather, Raymond Charles Lowe's father. He is a mystery. Raymond was married to Phoebe May Riley.

Wonderful site. I'm hoping not only to receive information but also help others.

Suzanne :)
Hi Suzanne No.120,
My name is Jennie, I am Harriet Lavender Nee Lowe's great, great Grand daughter, I was adopted out at birth and only learned of my aboriginal roots when I met my biological father last year, I am doing our family tree,

I have the people you mentioned on our family tree.

Please feel free to contact me

email is triple_jai@hotmail.com
For Rachel, No. 50,
The totem for Kamilaroi is the Emu.
My great aunty, Ida R Brown, was Kamilaroi and married my white great uncle, Ivan Marr in 1925.
They had two sons and one daughter, Una, who passed away in Toowoomba only a few years ago.
Great Aunty Ida saved my own mother, as a newborn, in 1929, when her white sister-in-law, Elizabeth, died in childbirth, and mum's own father couldn't cope and abandoned her.
When my mum was a thriving two year old, her real brother and sisters wanted her back, so her father went to Aunty Ida's family and took her back, telling them, that it was only for a visit, and she would be back tomorrow... he never went back. This broke their hearts, especially, her half cast cousin, Una, who, from 6 to 8 years of age, helped care for her new little sister, my mum, Betty Winsome. I got them together, 45years later...So my mum is the only white person, that I've ever heard of, who could say, she's part of the stolen generation.
She would have been much happier, too, if she had been left with Great Aunty Ida's family...I am very proud of this branch of my family.
Hi All
I am researching my family tree knowing that my great grandmother was Alice Grose born 1876 Gunnedah she married a Charles
Harmer 1895 they had a son called Robert Malcolm born 1902 (my grandfather) in Moree but he was cared for by a Granny Silk
which we have no details why his mother/father didn't bring him up. Maybe someone out there knows of the Silk descendants from Moree? In tracing my family tree it has uncovered that my grandfather had a son called Robert ? probably born in
the 1920's was bought up in Kempsey and is living in Blacktown I cannot locate him someone out there my know some information? My great great grandmother was from Kamilaroi Burra Bee Dee
Coonabarabran her name was Julia Campbell.
Shirley O'Connor
I am of Kamilaroi decent was wondering if there are any books about this, and can you tell me the name of the big station in Burke back in the 1800's
I am researching Ivan Keith Riggs born 1923 to parents Hope Eden 1987 and George Ellis of Mungindi descedants of Catherine Leuham, Denham families and relatives of Reinemer, Draper families of Moree NSW kamilaroi Tribe.
Sathia asked about Tamil India connection with language.

Bundjalung history says a ship arrived at Yamba with 3 brothers and grandmother Gaminyah, from Ngarenbeil "overseas islands".
The brothers' names are Old Balinese language of Indonesia . Ngarenebeil means "your beloved countryman" in Old Balinese, which is about half Sanskrit Indian words. The 3 men spread out and gave languages to countries, probably including Gamilaroi.
Kerrie Christian
I've been doing the family history and found we are descended from Waters family from around Walgett - Collarenebri Euri Euri Station - my great great grandmother was Matilda Waters born round 1870 and my gtgtgt granddad was Charles Waters born around 1842 ... wondering if there are any Kamiloi connections
Lesley Morgan
Hi Susan C number 119
I have been reseaching Lowe family for a number of years and noticed you are related through your GGGrandfather William Lavender Please feel free to contact me on nagromone@bigpond.com.au as Emma Lowe and Williams Mother Harriett Lowe were sisters my husbands family
regards Lesley
Helen McCormac
I am researching Rachel Martha Colebull(Bull) married to Charles Balding from Gunnedah. They married in 1857 and very little is known about her in our current family, information is only what I have established on Ancestry family trees. My husband is a great grandson of Rachel Balding, his grandmother is Rachel and Charles first born child - Ada Louise Balding born 1876. Interested to know if there is an actual birth date for Rachel along with papers, photos. Are there any Balding family reunions.

Thanks to anyone that can shed some light on this matter.
To the contributor no 84. I am related to Elizabeth Ann Smith Mullaley 1866. My Grandmother's name was Elizabeth Cameron who had 3 or 4 children Robert 1915, Clarrie about 1917 and Frances about 1919 and possibly George who was born in 1908 at Baradine. George married Elizabeth Ann Smith who was possibly her Grandaughter in 1934. George was in WW2 and served overseas in Ceylon and PNG. They lived at Mullaley amd worked for TA Gordon at Mullaley - the property was called Kurrajong. George died 2 months after being discharged from the army and is buried at Burra Bee Dee. Frances was Stolen Generation she was incarcarated in Bomerderry for 15 years. Robert was a police tracker, he was killed in a horse accident and is buried at Warialda.
dean collins
I am after a list of totems of the kimularoi people if anyone can help woyld be much appreciated
I am a descent of Carolyn Carr and also Elizabeth May Piety born 1888 who married another John Richards born in 1864. I have little information on Carolyn Carr but have absolutely no information on Elizabeth Peity. I have heard that her name may have been changed when she was taken from her mob?? Please can someone help with this?
helen Mccorac
Correction to comment 129. Rachel and Charles Balding were married 1875 Gunnedah. Hope someone can help with the name of her natural birth parents.
Hi Jane Contributor No. 130, I'm interested in your connection to Elizabeth Smith as I thought I had allher children. Leonie
I am the a great granddaughter of Harriet Lowe/Lavender. My grandmother was Emma (known as Emily) Lavender/Brooks. Interesting to see all the comments related to this family.
Hi, i'm a descendent of Johanna Brown nee parker born 1854-1911 in terrible vale-uralla. Her mother was apparently aboriginal. Her father was thomas Parker and from England.Any info would be great hotgoss84@hotmail.com
Shirley O'Connor could you please contact me regarding,
Adam Fletcher family, Glen Innes. You may be related to me
through Emily O'Connor. Married to Bigamist William Speeding 1885.
Thanks Chris
Hi, I am trying to trace my great grandfathers history, It appears he was born in 1880 in the Tamworth district. His name was Percy Herbert WALTERS and I believe his parents were Joshua and Eliza WALTERS. It would be great for any information.
Hi trying to trace the John Jennar family from Barraba
can anyone help please, as we are getting older and no one on my husbands side of the family knows anything
Richard John Jennar was a son
We are wanting to find out for our sons genetics
thank you in advance
Helen McCormac
Hello Gilly

I have been reading postings about Rachel Martha Bull. My husband is Rachel's great grandson, his grandmother was Ada Balding married to Fredrick Charles Spratt and their daughter Muriel Isabella Spratt married Allan McCormac being my husband's parents. We have been looking at many family trees on Ancestry regarding Rachel Bull and were interested to learn about her aboriginal heritage. Like other researchers, I have been contacting Govt Depts regarding her original birth parents but no success. Would it be possible to obtain a copy of the paperwork regarding Ben Hall story. I am currently in contact with a gentleman in Tamworth who knows people from Aboriginal community in Werris Creek, A lady who is 100 years old and still living was born in Werris Creek and her parents and grandparents also. Hope to hear from him soon.
Teresa Hay
Hi Michelle 95

My Great Grandfather was Thomas William Lowe. Herbert Thomas Lowe was my grandfather on my mother's side. I have only recently found out that he was of aboriginal decent. My mother had always been told that we were of Spanish origin. I would love to connect up if you are interested

Hi all

Would like to also let people know that the KAMILAROI TIRBE/MOB is not dying out. Just hard to find information about my ancestors. Kamilaroi people live everywhere they may have left their homeland for personal reason, but they still are Kamilaroi people.
Looking for information about a lady who was full blood Kamilaroi but married white man. Her name Bertha/Bootha Lamey
hi nathan, i have spicer family links from near bingara. contact me at elizacbarwick [at] gmail [dot] com
For Julie 122
My husband's grandmother was Ida's aunt (her mother's sister) I have researched this family for many years and would like to make contact with you
Madonna Cullinan
Hi Audrey, (DEC 30,2013). Re Bertha/Bootha Lamey - I am also looking for information about her. I have recently discovered that I possibly her great great grand-daughter. Are you related to her? I know a lot about her son's grandchildren and great grandchildren.
Hello my name is Tonie I come from Ashford NSW tribe name Kwiambal which is apart of the Kamilaroi nation I would like to know my totem I would love to pass this information onto my children. Like many others my grandparent died when my mother was very young I know about my family and the history but would love to know if there was a totem just for us My greandmother was Alice Millie Boney Nee:(Connors) and my grandfather name was Arthur Charles Boney wold love to know
Your Truly Tonie
Searching for information of my fathers family.
My father was LESLIE John GREEN (DOB 31 July 1946 Walcha ) his parents were CHARLES Henry GREEN (DOB 15.7.1910 Walcha) and VIDA KKatherine May ANDERSON they were married 8.1.1930. From war records they lived at SUNNYMORN (writing is difficult to read) WALCHA.
I can not find anything around Walcha with starting SUNNY and I can not find anything about the name of the mission in walcha to see if that is where they lived.
Any information would be great.
HI Iam Looking for Decendants of Harriet Lowe, she was my GG Grandmother wanting any information about her family
Hi my name is Leanne and I am trying to find out any information that I can on George Waters born 1864 Quirindi died 1950 Minmi NSW. I believe that he was from the Kamilaroi tribe and I am having a great deal of trouble tracing him. He was married to Anne Elizabeth Steadman. My children are desperate to know their heritage and I am struggling with finding information, it is very frustrating. Can anyone please help? I would be very great full for any information. Thank you
Trev B
Hi Guys, I am hoping there are some still around who can remember & help me out, because it has been quite a number of years passed since I have been seeking info & a bit of a story goes with it. My Grand Mother 'Una Hewatt' lived in the Qurindi, Wallabadah area, she had 3 children (all different fathers), she took & kept the name of the father of the first born. My mother was the second born & although the fathers of the second child (my mother) & the third child are not known, there has always been family rumors that my mothers father was Aboriginal & indigeonus to the area, but whenever I tried to inquire futher the shutters came up & no more info would be forthcoming. Myself I am blonde/brown hair & blue eyes, light skin & burn in the sun, but my mother & sister (& sisters children) are darkish skin & if they get any sun at all, they go very dark. When I was young I was always allowed to play with the Aboriginal kids in the neighbourhood when back in those days, most parents would forbid this type of interaction. Of these friends, 2 brothers, Mathew & Mark Marshall, their Grandmother took an unusual(for back in those days) interest in me & treated me as I was one of the brothers, as she may have known or seen something in me that had been hidden from me. I know this is very long but the story helps the understnding. My main question is. Does anyone on here know or have heard of a Una Hewatt in that area or know of a Kamilaroi man that may have known her. I am just trying to find my roots, who I am & where I come from. Any help would be awesome, Thanks
Delma Williamson
I am trying to find out more about my Great Grandmother ,Mary Elizabeth Ann Smith ( Annie)(born 18th October 1887) she married John Chadwick Hill(Jack )(born 14th Nov 1879)on 25th March 1905 Gunnedah NSW.. John Chadwick Hill's father is Thomas Hill and mother is Elizabeth Ann Hunt .John and Mary had 13 children. I don't know Mary's fathers name or if she had any brothers or sisters, also what is her aboriginal peoples (tribe)name .If any one has any info please Thank you .
Hi I am trying to find out more information about Agnes Bates and her father Alfred. I have grown up knowing im aboriginal
and that im from the Kamilaroi mob. I was born in Quirindi but not raised there. I know it was on my grandmothers side and I
need to find out more information about her and anything anyone can tell me would be great. She was born in murrundai. Thanks
Hi, Lisa 125.

My name is Danielle and my I'm a descendant of Hope Eden and George Ellis, they were my mother's grandparents. We maybe related and my mum has more information and has been doing our family tree on that side, and so has my Aunty (her sister). What sort of information do you have? Any would be useful to help us and I'm sure we may have something that could help you in your search.

My email is gamilaroiastraowen@gmail.com Contact me at anytime you get the chance and hopefully we can help each other.
Hi Vicki 80.

I also am looking for information on Richard Walker.
Like you, he is my GG Grandfather and Annie Walker / Brady (his daughter) is my GG Grandmother.
May be we can contact each other some how to try and nut this out.
I would love to hear from you.
Hi, I've had no luck in tracing my grandfathers history. I have been led to believe he was originally from moree area. His name was John laurence bignell" jack". He then moved to newcastle. Would love to know if anyone has any imformation
Thx I love this site it helped me for my assingment for being aboriganal thx very much
Lesley Morgan
Hello Marg Hopwood Riley (157) noticed with interest you wish to make contact with Riley/Craddock Lowe families please contact me on nagromone@bigpond.com.au my husbands family is Lowe/Craddock I look forward to hearing from you
Hi, my name is jeremy my family have lived in the tamworth area for generations now. Seen a post asking of the name ansell. I know thst name but not to be aboriginal in the tamworth area there are a few ansells in nundle. Seen a post with the last name bowden. Granny munro's maiden name was bowden I think, I can confirm this just to be sure. I also seen alot of other names on my ancestry Blair, graham and connors but the one that is most interesting and which is virtually the furtherest it gos back on granny munro side on ancestry.com is the name coventry anyone know anything about that? And also are there any yarns about sites in the area with carvings that may not be aboriginal there's a few stories about possible egyptian/phoenician civilations living in Australia with the aborigines ( blonde headed fair skin aboriginals already here before cook arrived) thank you.
Hey Jeremy.. post #158..

i'd like to hear what you have on egyptian/phonecian influence and non-aboriginal carvings. this is an interest of mine.

my yarn?...
when i was about 14yo in the boyscouts we went on a camp in the hills above Terry Hie Hie. the farmer that owned the block we camped on showed us some interesting things, including a place where (in his words) 'a chief was buried' and some interesting rock carvings on the bank of the creek that ran through his property. the carvings where on the flat, not under an overhang or on a vertical protected area. there were many smaller carvings.. human stick figures, spirals and stuff. one area had been vicously hacked away.. the farmer said this had been the carving of the 'princess' and had been taken away to london by scientists to study it. the stick figures, he said were her servants. there was a carving that he called a 'caterpillar' but to my untrained eye looked more like a bireme than a caterpillar. there were many carvings in a small area. i think the rock was basalt. certainly not sandstone. on the same trip i found a sandstone rock that had split open and had a very rusted iron washer inside...

unfortunately i do not remeber the farmers name nor the name of his property.
Hi I've been told my family are aboriginal . I have family in Gunnedah,breeza and Quirindi areas. The family names are Smith,Brown, King, horton, can anyone give me any information, I am searching for information also in regards to a relative a Mary (May) smith who married a Charles brown both from Patricks plains in the 1800s email me on martohi@bigpond.net.au if anyone has any information thanks
Hi Everyone

Just like the other emails I have read I have just found out my ancestory is aboriginal my great
great grandmother Julia Campbell (nee Dodds) and great great grandfather Will Campbell were from
the burra bee dee mission Coonabarabran. My great grandmother was Alice Grose born in Gunnedah
in 1875 she married a Charles Harmer in Moree in 1895. Is anyone out there related? I also read the Red Chief, a very old book, very interesting.

kind regards

I am wondering about my mums ancestory i believe she was born in queensland..i have associated with kamilaroi in school and also lived in broken hill kalgoorlie stawrll and townsville and my ex ewife is in bussellton and born in kalgoorlie.last name rushforth
I am trying to find out information on my Grandmother Mary Walsh/Riley. She had four siblings Catherine, James, Denis and Annie. They were born in Walcha at Winterbourne station. They were all taken from their Mother Ellen Walsh about 1919 as part of the stolen generation and sent to Singleton. Four of the children were eventually reunited with their mother Ellen and resided in Singleton, however Catherine was not. I cannot find any information of their father/s or any record that Ellen was actually married. I'm particularly interested in finding out my Grandmother's heritage as I have found a portion of the story about when they were taken from their mother by police in a speech given by Laurie Ferguson (MP) as part of the Sorry Speech. Any information would be great.
Many Thanks
sharon hudson
Hi I am also the Great G reat Great Grand daughter of Bertha/Bootha Lamey and am wanting to connect with my relatives too... My mother is from the son's line John Lamey. Please help me :)
Not long found out about my link to the Kamilaroi people through my great grandfather Percy Anderson
Would love to find out more on my family history, any information would be greatly appreciated.
Can anyone help me with any information on my Great Grand Mother Annie Burns? she was born in 1896 in Young, NSW. She gave birth to my Grand Mother Ivy Ellen Burns when she was 16 years old at South Callandoon Station. I think she was Kamilaroi. I can't find out anything from my family because they wont talk about anything, saying they don`t know and I can`t find anything with BDM NSW. I would really appreciate it so much if anyone out there could help me connect, Thankyou, Frankie.
@ Jen 110. My grandfather was Jack / John Hatch. The story is he was born on the outskirts of Narribri and then went to school Mooree (possibly the mission). There are no birth records for him and would have been born between 1900 - 1920. There was no mention of his family and this was not to be talked about or questioned.
If anyone has any information that can help me connect that would be great. Thanks
Great site. I have also hit a brick wall. I am trying to find out about my family in particular my great grandmother, Jessie. The only hint of a last name is Wilson or Williams. One of the birth certificates my grandmother, Queenie, states Wilson. However, my great aunt's birth certificates states the maiden name as williams. I cannot find a marriage certificate but she is buried with the name Sproule. The spelling of the last name changes on some of the birth certificates to Sprowls. She had 10 children but I have only been able to locate 4 birth certificates. The birth certificates list many different places that she was supposedly born - Mudgee, armidale, tamworth but her husband's (John Edward) death certificate lists Tamworth as the place of marriage. However, the other birth certificates of the 4 children that I have been able to find state the place of marriage to be Murrurundi, 1stMay1880 or 1st May 1884. The most confusing thing is that her husband, John Edward, who lived 3 years longer than jessie stated on Jessie's death certificate that parents are "unknown". I have spoken to a number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Elders and they have told me that from theirvexperience of other people researching their family history that these sort of changes and missing information are usually associated with Aboriginal heritage, as this type of information was left out. Also the fact I cannot find a marriage certificate for them.. If anyone can assist I would be most grateful. Cheers, Mark
This is for Deb, number 132 on the Gamilaroi list.
My great great Grandmother was Caroline Richards nee Carr. She married John Richards in 1872 in the shire of Warialda, Caroline was from the Munghindi area. Our totem is Sand Goanna and our skin name is Kubbi. I'm curious to know who Elizabeth Peity was, even though I have heard this name being mentioned on the family ancestral list. Our Caroline was an amazing Aboriginal woman, as she was one of the first woman out side of Moree to have her name on title deeds to her and John's property 'Bengerang'. Caroline was also one of the first women out side of Moree to take NSW lands over her petition of property which sadly was dismissed. Caroline sold the property to a man called Cole Molloy and moved to Armidale to be with my great grandmother Caroline and her husband John Maurer as well as her other daughter Emma and her husband Joseph Maurer. All I know from there, under the Excemption Act our Aboriginal family moved around country NSW for work. They finally settled in Sydney working for the wealthy as domestic servants in the areas of Hornsby, Turrumuura, and Chataswood. Caroline Richards nee Carr died in 1909 at RPA hospital of stomach cancer. My great Aunt Emma Maurer nee Richards died in 1949 and Caroline Maurer died in 1969. I was three at the time. Since my last post in 2011, I have discovered a lot about my Aboriginal family. Sadly our families were displaced from their community, some were removed a sent to Taroome, Woorabinda, St George and Cherbourg missions, Queensland. We are related to Ron Richards the famous boxer, and my great Uncle Bruce was the first Aboriginal man to start a funeral business. He was awarded a British empire medal for services to assist with the funerals of all Aboriginal personnel who died in WW2. Aubrey Maurer, my great grandmother's son was the second squadron leader for WW2, he was sadly killed in action...he left two boys, Graham and Stan Maurer. The Williams family in Garah not far from the Gil Gil creek areas knew our Aboriginal family, as they worked for the Williams...that still own their property I might add. Yet they denied any knowledge of my family being Aboriginal. Our great great grandfather John Richards and daughter Esther Richards is buried along the Bengerang stock route. I believe there was a tribe of Aboriginal people on the other side of the route that lived and continued their way of life back in the 1800's. The name Carr was given to Caroline as a young child and this 'white' man Carr gave this same name to the rest of her tribe. All I know...is that [we] are directly related to the Kubbi family. We are related to the Briggs by marriage as well as the Duncans Roberts and Cutmores.
Dr Catherine Demosthenous
Yamma ;) Wow!!

2014 and these posts are still going strong! Like the Gamilaroi Nation!!

Debra 24, I'm Catherine (Dr Catherine Demosthenous) and, yes, I'm related to Helen, Susan, Stephen ;) contact me at cath.dmeosthenous@gmailcom

Trish 163, I'm a Riley (and Ryan). My great uncle was Thomas (Tommy) Riley, great great grandmothr was Ellen (Booth). Uncle Tommy married Dorothy (Dot) and they had a son Denis (and maybe a second son, Walter). Uncle Tommy drowned in Duck Creek in Parramatta (Mum says, he was murdered). I am not sure if we share family, but feel free to email me and let me know a little more ..

Also, just to let everyone know that Moree library has lots of photos, stories and history, and you never know who'll you meet once you're there. Lots of people were sent to Cherbourg and other missions. Lots of the names mentioned in these posts are well-known amongst the mob - just get out and talk to people and someone will know someone - never give up hope ;)

Best to everyone, Catherine
Hi, I'm trying to find info on my great-grandmother. I'm not sure if the Narrabri area is part of Kamilaroi or not but if anyone can help it would be great. It could be a few different spellings but her name was Isobel Ruby Lawrence (Issabel, Isabella etc). Her mothers name was possibly Jane. Before some of her children passed away they mentioned there was a discrepancy regarding a surname - It was the surname Balfe/Balph - could possibly be the surname of her first born, who was born in 1918. There are no older members of our family living now so the Balfe part may never be answered. Isobel was born around 1899 in Narrabri or Inverell nsw. She married a John (Jack) Dennis Murphy who was born in Reidsdale nsw. They had seven children - the first possibly not belonging to John. They are William Edward (1918), Eva May (1921), Allen John (1925), Beryl (1927), Ethel (1930), Reginald (1933) and Lorna Daphne (1936). All children have now passed. The family lived in places such as Narrabri nsw, Bonalbo nsw, Amosfeild nsw and Stanthorpe qld. The children scattered and lived in places such as Casino, Lismore, Evans Head and Brisbane. I hit a brick wall every time with Isobel. There just doesn't seem to be any info out there if she had siblings or her parents names. I am so proud of my aboriginal heritage but feel disconnected not knowing where I come from. Please please if anyone can help it would be awesome. email: loogans@yahoo.com thank you.
Hi guys

My family comes from Breeza,Werris Creek and Quirindi. My great great grandmother was born Martha Mason in Breeza and had a daughter Gladys E Mason and two sons one named Roy Mason but we are unsure of the seond sons name. If anyone knows any Mason's that may be related please email me at: pampermum@yahoo.com.au

Hi Leanne comment 149
We are related!! I am the Grand daughter of May Waters I don't have much information although my mum did some research and got stuck. I recall it was with Rachael Bull, there are a lot of connections to Rachael on this page and she did have a son named George. Maybe someone could help us with this? It sounds like the direction to head in. Does anyone have any information on Rachael Bulls son George (surname Waters), anything would be appreciated.Thanks
Steven Koszek
Hello Darren,
My wife is a descendent of the Davis family. I have spent many 100's of hours on this family. There is not much to tell. Henry is Denise's great uncle on her grandmothers maternal side. I have tried to contact you through ancestry before without an answer. Contact me steven@gumnutantiques.com.au. Anyone else that is associated with the Davis family from the Walgett region is also sort.
Please get in touch Steven
David Poole
Hi im looking for information about my G G Grandmother Francis Leonard. Born in Quirindi I believe she was from Kamilaroi tribe. She later moved to Maitland and married Mr James Cook.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
I live in Wee Waa, my husbands family are Kamilaroi descendants. Combo, is still a common name here as is Smith, also Yates, Leonard, Trindall, Wheeler, Green.
We do have an Historical Society, as does Narrabri. There was a mission out at Pilliga for a long time.
I have discovered that once a couple split, they didn't often remarry but took their new partners name, so children could come under either names, makes life interesting.
Am having trouble accessing to be able to send anyone a message. But if you can contact me I will try to help.
I also have a copy of the Death Registrations from the Narrabri and Wee Waa Court Houses up to 1975. Lists parents, (if supplied) age, dod, place of death and burial place. Its over 207 pages.


Chris nichols, Jack speeding was my great great grandfather. Feel free to contact me via email brymad97@Hotmail.com for further information.
Hi I am looking for any help possible, I have been researching my family history for years and have been told many times that my great great grandfather was aboriginal from Moree he was born in 1883 and went by the name Thomas Smith. We understand that at those times they took many European names and cant be sure that was by birth. I have his death certificate which gave his age of 63 and birth town as Moree and year of birth as 1883 and he died in May 1949 so we have been trying to track down from there (with no luck) he went on to work on a station outside of Toowoomba which is where he met my great great grandmother. They then had three children a set of Twins William and Alice ( Alice passed a few days after birth) and then another son Noel. All but Noel has passed on (we cannot locate Noel). My grandfather never spoke of his parents even to my uncles and aunts to which I have asked many questions. Wanting to know if anyone can help with how I can go about further finding information of my heritage and if any one knows of any other decendants from this family line :) Thanks in advance Anita
Rob Fox
Hi Everyone,
Researching my Aboriginal roots as many others. To No 49,66 & 99. My grandmother born Qurindi 1907. Maiden name Bradford. Know of many Elsley's buried in Quirindi cemetery. My great grandmother was Annie nee Elsley (Bradford). Did not know of the aboriginal connection with Elsley. The Bradfords moved to Carrington,Newcastle mid 1920's where my mum was born. i have been trying to find aboriginal connection for years now. usual only family member keeping it secret. Email me as I have done lots of research. I know Elsley in Quirindi failed for bankruptcy early 1900's so perhaps they moved to Newcastle as well? Annie Bradford lived in 26 Smart Street Carrington. To no 99 are you sure it is not Sarah Bradford? we have in our family tree. rembettifox@hotmail.com
To Dr Catherine Demosthenous. Thank you for your info. I have been researching family tree for many years and heartening to read your comments about never giving up. Regards Rob
Delma Williamson
Re 151 Delma I have not found out any more information on my Great Grandmother Mary Elizabeth Ann Smith born 1887 but I am still looking .
Hi Korey ( 173) Noticed you mentioned the name Rachel Bull- In my family tree there is a Rachel Martha Bull born about 1857 at Werris Creek. N.S.W She was adopted by John and Eliza Bull, Rachel married Charles Balding at the age of 18. married in Gunnedah. They had 11 children. She married a second time to a William Smith from Cessnock. His father was a James Smith and mother Margaret Alder. Rachel's first marriage was witnessed by a Thomas Smith. The name Smith keeps popping up in my records. We are unable to trace a birth record for Rachel but stories through her children, grand children and great grand children indicate that she was aboriginal. Hope I have made some sense.

rex mcgrady
Hi everyone, my name is Hucky Mcgrady from Toomelah Mission. just want to touch base with all my kamilaroi peps. My connection to our lands and i mean 'OUR LANDS,THE kAMILAROI'. Well my father Rex mums side i come down through Sally Nerang who was born on Rocky Creek 1827, between Moree and Narrabri. The other side of my dad, come down, is Lucy Long,Daughter of Beeswung and Dinawan who gave birth to Harry Lang, Great granfather born on Cowboil Station, Gil Gil creek between Boggabilla and Moree.

My Mothers side comes down through Clara Mason, native name 'Woolgoondoo' who was recorded by Norman Tindale in 1938. She come from country St George qld, had 2 daughters to a white man named Jack Mason. Their daughters names are Elsie and Lena, Elsie is my great granmother, she married twice. Firsty to King Charlee Hippi who's buried at Old Toomelah just out of Boomi a few km's out heading to Boggabilla. Then she remarried to another Charley, his last name is Dennison.

As i said, the east coast of Australia if not all was and is Kamilaroi Lands. The names of tribes in native title are made up names. There are 4 skin names that come out of the Kamilaroi Nation, THAT'S, HIPPI, KUBBI, KUMBO and MURRI. My family is connected to them all. I've been into my culture since 1979 when i was 18. Raised my family and still doing what i was told to do by my Great Aunty Hannah Duncan who took me up the river at Toomelah when i was about 12/13. It all comes back through dreams over time. As she said. I'm very very passionate about my people and my culture, so lets all walk and work together like our ancestors walked and worked together. SURVIVAL
Hi my dad is one of 4 children who knows nothing about our Heritage AND Have No Known Relatives My Dad Has A Striking aboriginal Resemblance both facial and physically he never knew his real farther and his mother never told him or his 3 sisters very much about her past they are pretty sure she was half-cast on her birth certificate it says her name is Edna May James she was born 11th June 1915 at Moree Municipality it says her mother's name is Gurtrude Elizabeth James born Moree.
Edna May James was fostered out at the age of 18 months old to a family with the name of Gill she lived with the Gill family till she was about 9 years old she then spent about 2 years in a moree convent and then lived with various family's for the next 5 years.
We got her mother's birth certificate her mother's name is Gurtrude Elizabeth James born 11th June 1893 at moree it says her father's name is George James James born Cheltenham England and her mother's name is Mary Ann Elizabeth James maiden surname Tosswill born Logan River Queensland they got married on 20th December 1872 at Welbon Station, it says previous children of marriage were 2 males and 6 female's living and 1 female deceased names unknown.
I also have Gertrude ' s death certificate it says her name is Gurtrude Elizabeth Wall died 13 May 1961 at memorial hospital Mungindi it says her father was George James it only had her mother's maiden surname down as Tossel,she married Herbert John Wall at Mungindi and it gives the names of 5 children they are Evelyn May age 39, Wilfred John age 37, Coral May age 34, Edna Joyce age 32, William Frederick age 30
My dad's sisters made contact with one of the children named on the death certificate Evelyn May she told my dad's sister that Edna May James was her sister and gave her a couple of photos one photo had Gurtrude Elizabeth James and Evelyn May the other photo had Evelyn May, Coral May, my dad's mum Edna May and a young boy the name on the back of the photo is Fred. If anyone can tell me anything eles about these families I would really appreciate it,
anyone with info can contact me by email
Thanks Kirstyn
To No 117 Shannon, I am Dulcie Richards granddaughter and believe I can help you. Please contact me
Helen McCormac
Hi Everyone, I keep looking at this website to see if anyone can help me with a name of Rachel Martha Bull born about 1855 -1857 aboriginal station outside of Werris Creek N.S.W. Adopted by English couple John and Eliza Bull of Maitland. Desperately trying to locate her original birth papers and birth parents. My husband is her great grandson and I would be greatly appreciated to find out all of this info. She married a Charles Balding of Gunnedah. about 1875. Her first born child was Ada Louise Balding, my husband's grandmother. Look forward to hearing from anyone with info. Thanks.

Hi just wanted to know if there is anyway to find out about my great grandmother mary georgina tooveyand how can you get proof of your aboriginal ancestry
Hi just wanted to know if there is anyway to find out about my great grandmother Mary Georgina Toovey she was born in Picton on the 15th July 1902, her parents were James Toovey and Florence Louisa Karkoe and how can you get proof of your aboriginal ancestry.
Hi everyone! I am searching for my aboriginal ancestors, I've tried to do all the research myself and keep hitting walls and coming to dead ends! I am wanting to know if anyone has any information on Elsie May Smith (born 1892, Sydney), her mother Mary Agnes Yates (born 1864, sydney) or father Joseph Smith (born 1863 picton?)

Or any information on a bridget Roughan or possibly O'brien (born 1834/36/37/38), or her husband James Yates (born 1820/21/22 sydney??)

Any help would be very much appreciated! Thank you in advance!
Looking for information on Nancy Hummuch/Humue/Hummue and her mother Mary surname unknown. Nancy was the daughter of Mary & John Bradley. My mother is her descendent. I know that Nancy married George A. Morris. She was born in Cooma in July 1845 & died in Bowen Qld 3/10/1893 at 48. She is buried at Euri Creek just north of Bowen. The surname on her headstone is spelled Hummoch.
If Maxine from entry 28 or anyone else can help I'd really appreciate your contact.
Hi looking for information for the names Sorby, or jerry in the Mudgee/dubbo area know very little, any info appreciated
Hi I'm wondering if there are any descendants of George Clarke, escaped convict, who lived with the Kamilaroi people in the 1820's? I am trying to trace Clarke family history in the Narrabri region. thanks ~ Shayne
Hello, looking for any connection to my grandmother. Born Ruby ( Ruth) Robertson or Cressbrook in Boggabilla. Late 1800's early 1900's. Her father might have been a tracker for the NSW police. We know she got permission to cross the boarder to Queensland onto a reserve. She had a daughter Kama Brook-Spong B:1923 & two sons, Graham & John. I have no knowledge of their father/s. My father Graham, was born in Sydney in 1935. Any information would be greatly appreciated or where I can find out more. Thank you, Sharon
Hi, I am trying to find information about my family. My Great-Great Grandmother was Isabella Howard and she was born at Rocky Creek, Bingara in 1878. Isabella married Henry Nean. Their daughter, my Great Grandmother was Agnes Josephine Nean, born in Cooma, Narrabri West in 1899. Agnes married Arthur Leonard Copley. They had a daughter, my Grandmother, Ethel Copley who was born in Sydney and lived in Waterloo. If anyone has information on Isabella or Agnes could you please contact me. Thank you, Tina
Hi, I am a descendant of Samuel SORBY and Margaret SORBY (nee JERRY) and YEBOMEL. I have very little information on either Samuel or Margaret or Yebomel, other than information on the line from Samuel & Margaret's daughter Mary Anne SORBY who married Joseph WADE in Mudgee in 1871. I am hoping not only to receive information, but also help others. Regards Diane
I was born into a farming family at Goolhi near Mullaley in 1960. I have a photograph of Harriet Barker holding me in the backyard of my parents' house yard at 'Lumeah', Mullaley. My 92 year old father, Hugh, told me recently that Harriet's father was a stockman on 'Goolhi Station' and I presume Harriet's ancestors were the custodians of the country where we lived and made the axe heads and grinding stones we found in the paddocks when we were kids. I would love to meet Harriet, hear her story and know more about the Gamilaroi story of the Goolhi/Kerringle area. Can anyone help me contact Harriet or someone in her family? Owen Belling
In answer to your inquiry of July 2014. Details on Jack Hatch( John ). He was born in Manilla N S W .10 Dec; 1918. His parents were Sydney Albert Hatch and Florence
May ( nee Dyson ) Hatch. He went to Maules Creek School. 6 miles from his home.
garry binge
my 1800"s granfather jack binge what boat when he arrive in australia where was he born ?
Dawn Healey
Yamma Im looking for anyone who could help me with my family research My G grand Mother was Jane Ward My G grandfather was William King I'm looking to find any relos of some of there children there names are John William Ward who married Alice Leslie,George King, Margret King, Ethal Emilly Ward married Henry Williams,Memory Charles Ward who when he enlisted in WW1 changed his name to Charles Roy Ward partner Dorathy Dangar, Henry bruce Ward. The last names could be King or Ward it seems that some of them changed there surnames. I look forward to any help someone may be able to give me.
Marie bignell
For Julie 122 and Barbara 144, can you please contact me as I am trying to gather information on my Grandmother Ida R Brown-Marr, Kamilaroi woman. Born 1904 died 1964, aged 60 years. Buried at Breeza
Jenny (Nean) Watson
Tina (number 194). Do you know anything about Henry Nean? My Grandfather was Roy Nean - his mother was Sarah Nean - father unknown. He is a descendant of Alexander Nean who married Annie Genders. Unfortunately I can't help you with your Isabella.
My Great, great, great, great Grandmother - Mary - was from the Kamilaroi Tribe and was in a relationship with John Bradley, an English sheep farmer. I believe Mary was his housekeeper and when his English wife arrived in Australia after some time apart (years) Mary moved to the back of the property with their illegitimate children. My GGG Grandmother Nancy (whom I have a photo of) was their daughter. Nancy eventually married George Morris and one of their 13 children was GG Grandmother Nancy Jane. My Grandmother Georgina Grace was Nancy Jane and George's daughter, and my father Neville Black was Georgina's oldest son (and he is now 80). I have copies of birth certificates, marriage certificates, and death certificates and a few stories documented from letters. All very interesting.
Hi there.
I'm from Narrabri (kamilaroi) & I am 18 years old.
I am looking for information on my family ie. Hatch & Tribe.
All I know is, my family are & were spread out, so from Narrabri to Tamworth, Manilla, all around those areas.
Wanting to do a family tree for my nan & myself, so if anybody knows anything, please don't hesitate to email me. :)
Have a lovely day!
My Nan was born in Walgett around 1899-1900 she went into service I believe, her name was Lillian Mary Smith & she married a scotsman named Thomas Cursey Nurthen. These are my mother Hazel's parents. It was never talked about when we were growing up it wasn't till my cousin Debbie O'Keefee from Harden NSW dis some research and did a university course as an aboriginal I have lost touch with Debbie so can not go any further. I was told that Nan was given the above name, she could also be from the stolen generation. I would love to find out more if anyone can help me I would be most grateful I have always thought of myself as aboriginal to be able to prove it would be wonderful. Thanks Betty
Green Family
Hello Priscilla ( 147) I am a granddaughter of Charles and Vida Green. I was surprised to find your message here after googling the family like I do every now and then to see if there is any new info added to the web.
Charles ancestral Family immigrated here and from what I know of Vida her father was an Anderson and her mother Sarah last name is McPhail. I would be most interested to hear more about the information you have?
Shane 188
- Hi Shane I would be interested to hear if you have been able to make any connection. I come from the Toovey side and I know they were British and the Karkoe family were from Greece. Maybe you can help fill in some gaps for me. Cheers
Loch Bennett
Hello my name is Loch Bennett born Tattam, I would like to me to connect with Family. My Great Great Grandfather was Robert Webber as I understand he was born in Mungindi. My Grandmother was Mary Ellen Webber/Blake/Tattam born in Miles. If you have any information I would love to hear from you. Regards Loch
Hi I'm after any info at all on a Christine M Brown. Possibly a governess/ nanny in the 1920's. Living in the Wee Waa or Pilliga area. Any info would be great as I'm gradually piecing my family tree together. Christine is the current focus.
Hi Maddy 203, in response to your question I am looking for information on my Great Grandmother Alice Maud Mary (nee Hatch) Yates. Possible also known as Alice Molly Merytle as well. I have only found out about her and would like to get more information. She was born in 1879 in Manilla. I have sent you a personal email. Thanks
Hi Kerri (190) and Suzanne (202) , I am happy for you to contact me via email. (auntrosie262@hotmail.com). Cheers Maxine (28).
For mark (#168) The names Queenie and Wilson / Williams are consistent with my family research. My email address is carolairoldi@bigpond.com if you'd like to contact me
For Frankie (#166) I have an Annie Burns partnered to George Marsham and son in my family tree (George Marsham born in Balmain who lived in Bourke )which I'm just starting to research further. My email is carolairoldi@bigpond.com
I've seen a few comments about Rachel Martha Colebull on this site and thought maybe you might be able to help my research into my family.
I'm currently researching my fathers family tree.
I have gotten to my GG grandmother Rachel Martha Colebull born at Werris creek and adopted by John Colebull and Eliza Dawson. Rachel M Bull married Charles Balding in 1875 they had 12 children including my G grandmother Florence Mabel Balding she married Albert Henry Augustus Kent. Who then had 2 children including my grandmother Elaine Doris Kent. Elaine Doris Kent married Vivian Augustus Jeffrey, they had 7 children including my father David John Jeffreys.
I have been researching dads family tree because I would like to pass on all family research to my family and future families as I think it's important to be aware of our history and heritage.
Leanne P
Hi, I'm looking for any information in regards to 'Harriet Lowe,b:17th Jan 1860 Iron Bark Creek,NSW. d:2nd June 1936 Croydon,NSW. She is my GG Grandmother.I believe she married a 'John Nelson Lavender,and they worked or lived at ;Warrah Station near Willow Tree, NSW.
Hi i was adopted in the 1960's & i'm trying to find out what i can of my aboriginal heritige. My grandmother was Hazel Helen Bowden (Farrell) born in Walcha, her mother was Sarah Jane Kim Farrell born in Inverell buried in Taree. Her mother was Agnes Bradshaw and father was Alexander Farrell. I have tried to find out about my history but keep hitting dead ends, I found a few Farrell's in Inverell, Walcha, Bendemeer, Torrington ect: if anyone can help with any info would great, mainly Inverell & Walcha area's from what I have found. Thanks & yarloo.
Yaama! I am a Kamilaroi woman, born off my country in Blacktown, NSW. My totem is Dilby the Black crow. My Grandmother is Joyce Worsley nee. Chatfield who moved from Coonabarabran to Redfern. We are also related to the Contests who we have discovered actually have Angolese ancestry and were named after slave ship HMS Contest. We have a fair bit of information tracing our family back to Mary Jain Cain and Burra Bee Dee. They moved off the reserve to live on Jack Hall's Creek. Currently interested in photos from the early 1900's or any anecdotes.Thanks, Michelle
Mark Muliett
Hi Michelle (216) and Kim (56) last week I drove 1000kms from Melbourne to Coonabarabran for the celebration of the opening of the memorial wall for stories of people in unknown graves and the publishing of their book. My Wife Rebbecca's great grandmother was Rachel Sophia Contest (Watton), my wife's grandmother was Muriel Watton and her 5 brothers (Charles, Bruce, Claude, Hurbert, and Roy) The community also recently published a book that has a page on Thomas William Watton (1858-1941) Albert Samual Watton (1897-1902) Susan Jane Watton (1899-1900) and Rachel Sophia Watton Contest (1883-1934) there is also a photo of Alexander Fredrick Contest (the father of Rachel Watton), It would be great to share our information and join the puzzle together, we have so far gone back as far as 1798.
Hi, I am the great granddaughter of Emma Pearce (nee Saunders) and Stephen Thomas Pearce (white man). I believe she was the daughter of George Saunders and Emma Saunders. They had several children, along with Emma there was Gladys, Alice, George and I can't really remember too many more. If anyone can help connect all the dots that would be most appreciated. Thanks :)
Lynmaree Alice Hadley nee Balding
Yumma,I am a decendant of Rachel Cole Bull and I am seeking to get my aboriginality verified. As I am working within an Aboriginal organisation I require paperwork to verify this for the organisation to recieve funding for my employment.My Auntie Monica has already completed extensive research into our family history however, she is no longer with us. I seem to be coming up against the brick wall that others have commented on as I have seen from previous posts.If anyone has any suggestions please email me.Yarloo Alice
Hi I am looking for any information in relation to a Margaret Holland born in the Inverell or Walgett area around 1870. Margaret married Thomas Joseph Cunningham and moved to Western Australia.
For Kerrie 123, 161

I too am researching the family tree. My Fathers side is from Moree and Granny Silk is my Grandfathers Mother (Nellie Grose on his marriage certificate).
As a child, we would go visit the Harmers in Sydneys west (Guildford and Merrylands from memory). Bob Harmer, Aunt Audrey and their daughter Sheila.

My email is cmhews@gmail.com if you'd like to swap stories and piece the puzzle together
Clare :)
Yumma, I am a decendant of Ruby Darlington nee Natty, her mother Mary Ann Natty my ggrandmother was from the Kamilaroi Tribe. She was born at Banghett nr Tingha according to her death certificate. I am trying to find out any infotmation on Mary Ann and her family, mother father brothers sisters but i am like everyone else hitting a brick wall. Any information would be greatly appreciated, also can anyone tell me what our totem is? Cheers Trish
Hello - I am researching my family tree. My Nan recently passes away at the age of 96. At that time we discovered that she once told a family member that we are descendents of Florence Boney. She also mentioned the name Henry Boney as being her great great grandfather (the family member can not remember how many greats!). Anyway does anyone know the names Florence or Henry Boney? Any tips for me on how to go about researching this connection? thanks Penny rpspreitzer@gmail.com
Julie Simpson
I am a proud Kamilaroi descendant, my great-grandmother Mary Ann Hole was born in the 1860's in Walgett to Martin Hole and Margaret (no surname recorded) at some time during her youth she was relocated to Scone and ended up in Maitland and married my great-grandfather John Tiedemann. Her father Martin was of English descent, a stockman, Margaret is my indigenous connection. I have searched for family for many years without success and would be extremely pleased if any family would contact me.
Hi Guys,

Caroline Carr (1846-1909) was my great great grandmother. Her son was my great grandfather William Richards (1872-1918). His son was my Grandfather Thomas E Williams (1901 - 1955) and Thomas's son was Robert David John Richards (1953 - 2007) my father.

I'm trying to find out more information about my Indigenous family. I read above that Caroline was Gamilaroi (Gamilaraay/Kamilaroi), that our totem is the Sand Goana and our family group is Kubbi. How did everyone find out this information? Does anyone have any evidence that shows this?

Contact - ellerichardslouise@gmail.com
susan Lane
Hi Suzanne (202) I too am a descendant of John Bradley and Mary, Nancy is my great great grandmother, Elizabeth Mary Ann was my great grandmother. It is so hard trying to track down any info on her background apart from knowing her parents. If you have anything you can share, please email me susan.lane@live.com.au
Maybe I might have something of interest to you as well.
Hi Trish 222, As I figure it your gg grandmother was the Mary Ann Natty whose death according to the NSW indexes was registered in 1954 (#15067/1954) at Barraba aged 70 without parent names given by the informant. It follows she was born in 1884. I figure her birth was not registered and her mother was Mary Antaw who died that year presumably in child birth with the child surviving and brought up by Natty relatives and she married as Mary Ann Natty in 1901 (# 9281/1901) George E Glenister. If I have figured it right you would be surprised to learn you and Mary Ann Natty's descendants are the only Australian descendants of the first boy enrolled at Australia oldest
non-government school The Kings School at Parramatta that first opened its doors on 13 Feb. 1832. Put "Mary Ann Natty" in Google and you will note a Gamilaroi
tribe reunion at Curlewis in 2014 had an attending line's descent as from Mary Orr who on one side has identified Irish ancestors born in the first half of the 1700s
Hello, my name is Catherine and I am a descendent of John Bradley and Mary.
My G Grandma was Matilda, daughter of Nancy. My 16yo daughter is desperate to connect to country and I would like permission to connect with Maxine (28), Kerri (198), Suzanne (202) and Susan (226) in the hope of sharing any information and possibly finding out more about Mary and Nancy. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
Take care 😊
susan Lane
Hi Catherine (228) you are quite welcome to contact me on susan.lane@live.com.au, I am sure Maxine would also be happy to talk to you.I have also connected with another relative who has put together a book detailing all descendants of John Bradley and Mary. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Taken from my Kamilaroi mother, Cora Williams, at birth in 1947, I am trying to find information about her or her family. If anybody has known a Cora Williams, any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Reece Huxley
Hi, kamilaroi descendant. Family from Tamworth, gunnedah area. Looking for information on any Dillon or Dillion. Have been told by an aunt my great grandpa was a Saunders and his wife was a Monroe. My grandfather was Edward Dillon. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks
Hi all, I'm happy for all those who are connecting and a little jealous, as I too have hit a brick wall. My mothers, mother's family is Aboriginal. I believe they were part of the Kamilaroi Tribe also, and from Sunny Corner Gostwyck/Uralla/Moree. I am after any information on the surnames Williams, Castle and Queny Last know history records I have are of the marriage certificate of Alfred Williams and Ellen Castle married in Uralla in 1872 with no parent information for me to continue my family tree.
I posted this about 7 years ago, with no extra information to date. Just don't know my next step to getting any new information.
Hi, I am looking for a mary she had a daughter mary muriel with james newman he was born 1865 they lived tamworth area there is no wedding or birth records of mary, her daughter married james t barton, the barton family lived in attunga any information would be great
Jo Walton
I am searching for the Kamilaroi language that can be taught to 5 year olds.
Hi readers,
I am searching for my information on my family background. My parents passed away 25 years ago and the answers I seek went with them. At around the age of 13 my mum revealed to me that her grandfather is a black man. I didn't pay much attention back then though on many occasions I was proud to tell friends and my children we come from an aboriginal background. I attempted to search for my lost family using websites etc. and tried to find relatives of my mum but all ended without any absolute evidence. I was told mums' birth certificate was lost when the Gunnedah hospital had a fire? I traced my family tree back to my grandfather but couldn't find his fathers name nor birth certificate etc.
It wasn't until around 9 years ago that proof became solid when my daughter Tracy went to the doctor for sunburn treatment. She was concerned some marks hadn't healed... to her surprise she was told the dark marks weren't sunburn it was pigmentation revealing her aboriginal heritage. She phoned me to ask about it and of course I reaffirmed what mum had told me and what I had told all of my girls over the past 25 years. I also have pigmentation on the areas of my legs.
I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers. My sister Margaret has been accepted as having aboriginal family but I want to find out more.
Can anyone tell me about the Finch family in Gunnedah? My mum was Ellen Theresa Finch (born 1934?? ) and married my dad Roy Alfred Scholz.
Mum had sisters Madge and Rita and brothers Tom and Bryan (and more I can't remember)
I would really love to find out information to tell my girls... (I have 5 daughters, no sons) I am 62yo
Geeta Carroll
Hello there, Lynmaree (219), I'm also a descendent of Rachel Cole Bull and wondering if you have found out any information. I only found out a few years ago that Rachel was my GG Grandmother and very keen to find out any information about her and our family. Thank you
Helen McCormac
Hello Lynmaree (219) My husband Kevin is a great grandson of Rachel Cole Bull married name Balding. Rachel first born was Ada Balding. I have tried several government websites to try and find some info on Aboriginal people born in the Werris Creek township of N.S.W. hoping to find a birth certificate. Hit a brick wall. There has been extensive research done by a lady called Monica, and I have seen on this website that Rachel was an aboriginal lady and there is a Balding family book. Would like to get a hold of a copy myself Hoping that someone may be able to help..
Yamma - Kerrie Walden nee Ruttley (51) & Joanne Rudd (34) - I am currently writing a family history book about the JERRY/JERRETT/SORBY families of Mudgee, Mount Frome, Burra Bee Dee & Coonabarabran.I would love to speak with you about the families. Glynis Wheeler, Wallabadah.
Hi, I have only just found this site. Trying to gather more information on my Aboriginal origins. I am the great grand-daughter of Mary Jane Snow, born in 1876 in Moonbi NSW. Her parents were William and Mary (nee Crimp) Snow. Mary Jane married a man of Scottish heritage, Alexander Tolmie in 1914 at St Albans Church, Quirindi NSW. They had 9 children together - Ernest, Percy, Reginald, Amy, Isabel, John, Cecil, Vera and Violet - all born in Werris Creek. Alexander had been previously married to Mary Jane's sister, Rosie Snow, who died in childbirth, I believe. Alexander and Rosie had 3 children together before she died - John, Simon and Mildred. Many of the Tolmie descendants have continued to live in the Quirindi area. My grandmother, Isabel Grills (nee Tolmie) was born in 1910 in Werris Creek. My extended family all appear to have lived in the Liverpool Plains area - Quirindi, Murrarundi and Werris Creek - for most of last century. I believe this area is associated with the Kamilaroi people. Is this correct?
Suzanne Battis
Hi, I too am searching my families Aboriginal origins. As like many others I have hit a brick wall also. If anyone has any information on Evelyn Florence Dawson (my great grandmother) born 11.11.1875 at Talcumba,daughter of Samuel Dawson and Lucy (or Belle?). Samuel Dawson (her father) was a boundary rider at Tulcumba, near Carroll, Gunnedah. Evelyn Florence Dawson married John Cochrane they are both buried at Attunga near Tamworth. I would also be interested in knowing what Talcumba was in those days and what was a boundary rider?. Any information would be greatly appreciated.Thanks Suzanne
Marion Green
Hi my name is marion green I'm for the kamilaroi tribe in walgett nsw My grandmother was Ivy (graany) Green nee kennedy she married Robert (bob) Green in walgett I think my grandfather was from the thalon area in Queensland not to sure he came down to walgett has he was a drover and Shearer he meet my grandmother on a station where she was working has a young lady doing station hand and helping the wives of the farmers she worked at dungaler station and mercadoole my dad is ted green he is one of 5 children and the only sibling left would be great if anyone has any information of my grandfathers family the greens would be very appreciated has my dad doesn't know many of his family
Kim Scott
Hi am trying to contact someone from the Kamilaroi Employment Aboriginal Corporation - thanks
Gerry at 49 do you know the middle name of your William Elsley,I have Elsley's in my family and have been researching for many years
shanekah kirk
im kamilaroi and a munro and i was born in inverell but raised in tingha
Hi there, just found this site. In answer to Jennifer (MANNIX)Hand

Mar 18, 2013 @ 8:20 pm , we have Grace Ruby Smith and John Henry Hamilton aka Pat in our tree but if I am on the right track, Grace's sister Cora Smith married an Aboriginal named Claude Baker, Son Lonnie Baker. Desperate to find out any other details about them as I am doing our family history and my Dad wrote down these details but the marriages are unclear. We also have Emily Smith who married Jack Vaughan and Christian Olive Smith who married a Charles Robert McCann, and also a George Henry Smith and Elizabeth Catherine Launt. Regards Bernice Curtis, granddaughter of Christian Olive Smith.
Hello! I am too looking for information in regards to my Aboriginal origins. If anyone has any information on a Sarah Jones, from Gunnedah or the Jones family please contact me. My great, great grandfather William Good had children too Sarah (including my great grandfather) who was Indigenous, but they were never married. Any information would be appreciated.
Gayle wade
Hi, I am also researching my family history. My great grandfather was a station man ager at Wellbondongah station about 50 kms from Moree, his name was George Dyast Cooper born in about 1834 he married Alice marsden in1883 in Moree. They had about 8 children one being my great grand mother called violet Jane cooper born 1887she had my grandmother violet may cooper born =1905 father unknown and she was fostered to a Peter and faith Jorgensen in sydney. I have had DNA done as we always thought my grandmother was part aborigine. I do have melanisian and a 4 th or 6th cousin match who is related to Carolyn Carr from gill gill creek. Not sure whether the connection is from cooper side or unknown fathers side maybe from someone working on this sheep station called Wellbondongah which I visited last year. If anyone has any information about the cooper family or someone who worked on station, Also my great grandmother married a Francis Edwards and had another daughter also called violet
Thanks Gayle
My grandfather name Claude William Green his father was William Henry Green, mother name was Ada Roach and I am trying to find any information about them please I hope that some one can help me please. Any information will help me.
Aileen Bell
Maurice king
Hi ,I am Looking for some more information on my mother's great grandmother Amelia Margaret. We have documentation that she was born circa 1886 on the barwon (we presumed this was the brewarrina mission ) and married to a James jurd(gerd) Smith and we believe had 3 children ,Catherine Edna Smith who's name was changed to Edna Kathleen Smith ,a Evelyn Mary Smith and a son who we are yet to name.
"nearly extinct?!?!?!?" what the hell are you talking about? a kamilaroi person is literally typing this jfc
Cyndi G
My great grandmother was from Brewarrina which I believe is Kamilaroi tribe. Her name was Kitty McDonald (katherine). She was sent to work on a homestead in Goulburn where she had my gran Tillly McDonald (Matilda). Would love to hear from anyone who has any info about the McDonald's. Thanks
Kerrie McA
My biological father was from Gunnedah and his mother (Maud Bush) was of this heritage. I have come up against many brick walls and am unable to confirm any details of my lineage other than his name was Clarence Bush; his father was Cranston Booby and his mother was the elusive Maud Bush. I have loads of info on the Booby's but not the Bush side. I have found a Maud Bush that went on to marry a Castles but I don't think this was her as she doesn't appear to be Aboriginal??? I was told this weekend that Clarence was part of the stolen generation. Any info would be much appreciated.
Hey everyone, I am looking for more information regarding my indigenous heritage, my great grandmother was Avis Velma Hinton and was born In Gunnedah. At the moment I only have her marriage certificate and would really be interested in finding out a lot more about her and any other indigenous family I may still have. If there is any information about the Hinton family that would be amazing as she also had 3 sisters Jane, violet and Maude Hinton. Any information would be amazing my email is bella.austen @hotmail.com
Thanks so much :)
Hi Everyone, I'm looking for information on the Brown family name from Mundingi. I've been tracing my heritage and I'm led to this area especially the place Cowbail by ancestral records. The station worked my people worked at around the turn of the century and beyond was named Milton Vale. I have much more detailed info but thought I'd put this out there and see if anyone can help. It's a very difficult process.
Thanks Rachael
I would like to say that the Kamilaroi people are not nearly extinct as there are many Kamilaroi people around Australia, both descent and full Kamilaroi
Just wondering if anybody can help me with family history? I am researching my great great aunts descendants. Her name was Alice Natty born on the namoi river near Gunnedah. She married an Englishman by the name of James Bowden and they lived at Terry Hie Hie mission near moree. I know there one son William Bowden married Elizabeth Munro from Tingha, their daughter Florrie Bowden (granny munro) also married a Munro from Tingha. There were also another 9 or 8 daughters that I need to find who they married. Some of their names were Amy Bowden, Rachel Bowden, Susan Bowden and Maggie Bowden. They were all born at Terry Hie Hie. Please comment any responses below and thanks in advance.
Wayne Bennett
Hi Hucky (No 183)
I think Lucy Long might be my GGG grandmother. Mother of Susan Brown, who was born in Bengerang/Bingerong in approx. 1865. We have a marriage certificate of Susan and Edward Brown 1886, Miltonville. My grandmother, Priscilla Beatrice Brown, was born in Cow bail in 1902. It would be great if this information links up with yours
Ngairee Anderson
Hello everyone
I am trying to locate my children's GG Grandfather, he goes only by the name of Jacky in our family history. He was involved with a white woman by the name of Edna Ethel McLachlan (nee Riley) and as a result a child was born Sybil Joan. She was given the McLachlan name and was raised by Edna and her husband Mack Halloran McLachlan. they were all born in the Bingara area of NSW. I am trying to track down Jacky's family and hope that there is someone on here who might of heard this family history. Thank you.
David Tracy
Hi this is for Priscilla, Regarding Topic 147 where you enquired about the mission at Walcha where your grandparents (the Green family) may have lived. My wife is from Walcha and we believe the place name is actually Summervale Mission located north east of Walcha near a property named Emu Creek. Google Summervale Mission Walcha to see references to the Green family, in particular a newly erected camp kitchen named after elder Beryl Green
Rosalee Bland
Hi there. My Name is Rosalee Bland nee Walker.
I am searching for any information on my ancestors my 3Grand father was Reginald Victor Walker. I only have limited info on his mother (Maud Walker 17yo when he was born in 1900) and nothing on his father.
Comment no 80 looks like it could be the same family
Hi all, hoping someone can help.
I’m after any info at all on a Christine or Christina May Brown. Lived in Pilliga. 2 of her daughters ran away as young teens and never returned.
My Nan was one of the daughters and took her family history to the grave with her.
Jaimie Carpenter (Griffiths)
Hi all,
My family are from Quirindi. My G G Parents are James and Margaret SAMPSON.

They had 7 children: Eva GILLAN (nee Sampson)
Madeline CONLAN (nee Sampson)
Mabel MATTHEWS (nee Sampson)
Clarice GRIFFITHS (nee Sampson)
Mary AUSTIN (nee Sampson).

I am a granddaughter of Clarice, mother too,
Margaret, Gail and Gary (Twins) Brian (aka Alexander) and Robyn, I am the daughter of Brian. We have re-connected with most of our family and we attend reunions in Quirindi every 3 years. I would love to connect with anyone who has info on or may be related to my family.

@ Mary contributor 74 - Mabel Matthews was the sister of my Grandmother, not sure if this could be relevant to the line you're looking for as Matthews is her married name.
Hi Mary # 74.

We are related to Maria Matthew's. She married Matthew Mason and they had 2 children, Thomas Mason and Louisa (Lucy) Mason who were half-castes. Maria Matthew's died in 1874 and her husband Matthew died in 1889 in qld. Dont know if these are the Matthew's you are after or not?!

#240 Suzanne, we are related. Evelyn Florence Dawson is the daughter of Samuel William Dawson (b 1852 Lockend NSW d. 1919 Narrabri) and Louisa (Lucy) Mason (b. 1859 d?). Louisa's parents are Matthew Mason ( b 1811-d. 1889) and Maria Matthew's (full blood Kamiliaroi b? D. 1874)

Evelyn Florence Dawson was the oldest and her siblings were Adriney Alice Maud Dawson (1879-1937) Beatrice Victoria Fedora Dawson (1881-1960) and George Richard Dawson (1884-1885). We are related through Adriney)

A boundary rider is someone who rides a horse around the boundaries of the farm to keep out theifs and aboriginals...from my understanding. Samuel Dawson was also a labourer when George was baptized.

Feel free to email me at rochelle.barr.87@gmail.com and I'll get my mum to help you out. Also if you scroll back a few years in this tthread mums cousin Susan comments too.
kahler miller
Hi, I am looking for my family
Descendants of Patrick and/or George Doyle born Manilla NSW in 1851. Mary Catherine Butler (born Smith) in wallabadadah, Margaret Brown (born Bowden) George Thomas MIller born in Uralla in 1900
Natty 256

I believe Alice Natty was my Great fathers sister. I can send you some more info if you like
Trish 222
I believe Mary Ann Natty was also my ggrandfathers sister. I was supposed to go to the 2014 reunion but unfortunately couldn’t make it.
205 Green Family
My name Christine Speeding I might be related to the VIDA Greens Through Eva Fletcher Adam and Elizabeth Fletchers Daughter.. My Grand Mother Emily Amelia was Eva's sister.
My son just got the results from My Heritage DNA If anyone has had their DNA done in the family. It would be interesting if we can find a match.
Andrew Simons
Seeking help in tracing back our family origins and our Kamilaroi heritage. My Grandmother, Isabella Jones (Kamilaroi women) born in Wallgett in the 1890's (most likely 92) married George Simons and moved to Rylestone. Any information about Isabella greatly appreciated.
Aimy Marshall
I am also a descendent of Rachel and Charles Bull.
My great grandfather Alfred Francis John Balding was one of their children. My Grandfather Trevor Balding (adopted- Name of Reay) was Rachel’s and Charles’ grandson.

I am looking into my grandfathers Aboriginal heritage and until recently was unaware of whom his parents were as we could not locate a birth certificate. We have since located the birth certificate and are now tracing back through the family.
My grandfather was adopted and was told quite a story by his adopted father, he was told he had an indigenous mother but we had no idea there was Aboriginal ancestors on his father’s side (Rachel Bull)

Can you please confirm anything you know
Kind regards
Aimy Marshall
Cassandra Brennan
Hi there all.. post 163 I think maybe we have linkages..
My Grandmother is Yvonne Kathleen of Werris Creek and my GG Selina Janet.. (My GG only spoke of being Koori to my mother as a wee one..was so hush hush ) daughter of Catherine Francis.. believed to be daughter of a Mary Walsh.. Family confirm the aboriginal heritage, which silly fam..I know I'm Koori, have done since I was four..but noone will tell the women in my families story..shame job.. I wanna tell the story in it's entirty and hope to one day..be good to have a yarn..we all from NSW ways but live in Victoria.. If anyone else has any info on family names, Hall, Dunne, Walsh love to hear..Werris Creek..and right down to connections to Urangeline run, Corowa and Kaitamatite Vic.. I got alot of oral stories but so many people passed or not talking.. My mum and I were born Sydney and Wollongong.. thank you
Katie Brett
Hi Jaimie Carpenter (Griffiths) #262,
My GG grandparents are also James and Margaret Sampson.
My G grandmother is Eva Gillan (nee Sampson).
My grandfather is Eddie Gillan.
I have also attended the Sampson family reunion in Quirindi, however the last one fell through :(
Would be great to have another soon :)
Would be great to connect with you and any other mob around.
cheers Katie.
To Sue and Kerrie,
I am also looking for a Castle/s. A Helene Ruby Castles or a Ruby Helen Castles and surname could be spelled Cassels/Cassells etc.
According to information from someone who is contact with Ruby's daughter and has seen her birth certificate Ruby was born in Coonabarabran in 1939-ish. She was a Ruby Helen Smith once and later a Schatz (married a Leslie Schatz in Narrabri in 1957).
My father was in a relationship with this Ruby before he met my mother. I'm doing some family history research and looking for any kind of information on Ruby and Marguerite. Thanks.
Like many I'm having difficulty researching a major part of my family tree. I've been reading with great interest the findings and the comments regarding Rachel Martha Bull, adopted/fostered daughter of John Cole Bull and Eliza Dawson. Rachel was born at the Werris Creek Aboriginal settlement and married Charles Balding.
Would anyone reading this have any information please on Rachel's siblings, particularly Sarah Elizabeth and Susannah as from my research I believe that there is a close relationship.
Sarah Elizabeth was born in November 1852 and Susannah was born in April 1851, both in the Maitland area. In both cases the girls parents are recorded as John Cole Bull and Eliza Dawson, however ,I have reason to believe that like Rachel they too may have been adopted.
Many thanks for any help given.
Looking for family with the surname CLYDE.
My family was from the MOREE and WARIALDA region.

Like many others I’ve hit a wall with my family history research, particularly where I want to research the most. I know my Great great grandmother was named KITTY CLYDE. She was rumoured to be of aboriginal heritage but I’ve never been able to find any info on her besides her marriage certificate from 1906 to MICHAEL BLAKE BYRNE. Her parents were listed on the marriage certificate as deceased name JOHN CLYDE and MARGARET MIERS. Kitty was born in 1887 and died in 1928. I’m really hoping to find out anything, anything at all. This is drivin me crazy, I just want to know who my family were and what my heritage is. Any information would be so greatly appreciated.
Looking for relations of Nellie Reid/Loder of Wee Waa (Pilliga)
She was married to my Great Grandfather Edmund Alfred Robert Trindall from Wee Waa (Pilliga)
Parents of Albert Edward Trindall; Leslie Robert Trindall; Linda Hope Miller; Alfred George Trindall; Unita Annie McMillan, William Alec Trindall and Melba Buckingham Clare.
Bother of Brother of Amelia Emilie Gorrick Knee; William John Trindall; Elizabeth Darlinghurst Hall; Bartholomew Francis Trindall; Richard Herbert Trindall; Walter Elijah Trindall; Ada Hannah.
Would love to know who they are as its taken me this long to discover where I belong. I would appreciate any help or contact from relations.
Hi, I am looking for family of the late Florence Thompson (née Harris) believed to be the daughter of
Hi Rochelle, thread 263
Thank you so much for filling me in on the information regarding my great grandmother Evelyn Florence Dawson and her family. It means so much to me and my siblings. I will email you in the next few days.
Kind regards
Rosalee Bland 260 Hi, we are related. I know of your ancestors of Reginald Victor Walker. I don't know info on his father if he was born 1900 but I do have info on his mother and whom she married in 1912 etc. Did he by chance marry a lady called Elizabeth?
COMMENT 92 JANE -"My mother was born at Coonabarabran around 1920 and was taken to Bomaderry Aboriginal Home as a baby. Her mother was Elizabeth who was from Baradine had three children Robert, Frances and Clarence. Robert was a tracker around 1930. Surnames Nash and Cameron. There is no info on BDM for them so would appreciate any assistance."
Hi there. I'm a Nash/Cameron decendant. Feel free to get in touch. telanwade@hotmail.com
Hello again, my original query was #240 regarding my great grandmother Evelyn Florence Dawson, her mum Louisa (Lucy)Mason also known as (White) married Samuel Dawson, Louisa is the daughter of Maria Mason (Kamilaroi woman) married to Matthew Mason. I am trying to find out who Samuel Dawson, Matthew Mason are plus more information regarding Maria, her parents where she grew up etc I am thinking they come from out around Gunnedah, Carroll N.S.W any info would be greatly appreciated.
Their is alot to acknowledge though that really says enough in itself for how hard they are trying to cover it up in a random library of secured files and different state laws of the amendment .
I dont want so many deaths to be represented by a library in a box locked up no more than i want to enter a white system that is set up to erase us either wat to get facts correct for them.
IF you want to erase us of state records go for it because we were never on a state record beforehand anyway. I am really happy for them to continue to pull the wool over our eyes and think we are stupid. As that is the only way some of us survived then, that is the only way we survive now. Good luck with your history debate of a file of records locked up in a box with refused access .
Hi everyone,
I have recently found out my g grand father was son of caste woman elizabeth ann sutton (née gruggen) born in1858 married to Charles William Sutton, I know her mother was an aboriginal lady born in Coolah or Scone in 1841 her name was Mary Ann dalton, (married to Charles price gruggen), Mary Ann was born from union between her mother (unknown) and a man with the surname Dalton, i do not know his full name only that he was a freed convict. Mary Ann lived and died in Scone. Any information that can be shared would be welcomed. I recently undertook DNA ancestry test and have confirmed my suspicions that there was aboriginal history in my family ( a much kept secret within my family, I don’t believe my nan even knew, she certainly never spoke of it), I embrace my origins and am keen to find out more, as is the rest of my family.
I hope to hear from someone.
@Trish - I am also a descendent of Ruby Darlington and have been searching for information about her too. Have you come across our Uncle Jimmy (James) Darlington? He was my Grandmother's Uncle and he was quite a well known Aboriginal soldier from Barraba. Would love to connect up with anyone else who has any other information about the family. I've got lots of information I've already uncovered about my Grandfather's side but still working through Nan's side. Would love to connect with anyone who's keen to share info!
ken doyle
Hi Kahler Miller comment 264. I am a Doyle, and most of my family in the 1800's seem to have been born in Kamilaroi country. Most of them in Wee Waa, Nyngan, Narrabri, Muswellbrook, Maitland, Upper Hunter, Tamworth and into Thallon in qld. I came across a George Doyle but it was later in 1858, but did find a Patrick Doyle with some but not all connections you mentioned. Patrick Doyle,born in Maitland East, New South Wales, Australia on 18 Aug 1851 to Thomas Doyle and Anne Kelly. Patrick Doyle married Francis Caroline Wheatley and had 11 children. He passed away on 4 Jan 1924 in Manilla, Nsw, Aust. I'll keep looking. Ken Doyle
ken doyle
Can anyone help me? Most of my ancestors lived a lot on or near the Barwon. One of them James H Doyle of Invermien near Scone Upper Hunter. His brother Robert Doyle had property in Central/north Queensland and in the 1890's when visiting James with cattle from his Riversleigh property on the Gregory River in Qld, brought with him a head stockman James Noble. James was reputedly born in 1876 near Boulia, North Queensland, of parents from Normanton. James asked to stay near Scone and go to school. James Doyle arranged schooling for James Noble arranging for him to have night schooling in what the family history says might have been Scone Grammar School. Is was there such a school?James Noble was baptized at St Luke's, Scone, on 1 July 1895, and later became the first full blood Aboriginal clergeyman ordained in the Church of England in Australia. I have more information on James Noble later in life, but does anyone on this post have any information from family or friends that can provide more information on James Noble while he was in Kamilaroi country? Hear from you Ken Doyle
Hi Barry,

I believe that Jane Dillon is my grandfathers aunty. I would love to see the information you have if you could email me directly. reecehux@gmail.com

Thanks very much
Hi Reece,

Glad you read the post.
I will send you some information mainly parts of my family tree that shows Jane Dillon, her husband, his wife and family , her children which includes my mother.
I used to go to Caroona as a child at xmas and lived there for a short while at grans house (Jane Dillons). I never knew her husband James Saunders as I think he had passed before I was born. The place Jane lived at is not in the town of Qurindi but out at the missionfor a while then and also up the road at Uncle Gungas place called Ratty Corner near the Namoi (Mooki) River.
I will send to your email address.

Hi people, just trying to find family on here - my great grandma was Phyllis Eva Irene BURNS born in Emmaville 1889 to her mother Lillian Florence Burns.. if anyone knows something about them please let me know. Thank you so much.
Hugh Thomson
275 (Christine).
Nellie Reid/Loder was my Great Grandmother, my Grandmother was Unita Annie McMillan. My brother Grahame Thomson has a vast knowledge of our ancestral background he may be able to help you.
I have just found this page and I too am searching for my family history. I am struggling to find any information on this. I believe my Nanna's father was born in Goonoo Goonoo in 1883 his name is Frederick George Bailey and his father who was a Boundary Rider according to the paper work I have found was James Bailey, would love any information anyone can help with.
Kim Johnstone
Kim Johnstone(Tolmie) gathering information on our family from my fathers side (Ron Tolmie)
Ron Tolmie son of Vera Tolmie who we believe is the daughter of Alex Tolmie and Mary Jane Tolmie (nee Snow) of Quirindi.
Some records show that Mary Snow may be the daughter of William Snow & Mary Machaffery. Looking to discover our heritage.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Julie Thomas
I believe my G G Grandmother was born in Peel River or Warra in about 1830. She went by Bella/Isabella/Elizabeth Tilford/Telford. Her partner was Robert Charles Wilson (a white man) and they had seven children all born in the Dubbo area. Related surnames are Murphy, Murdoch, Ryan and Rochester. She and her partner are buried in the Walgett cemetery.
Stacey But her
Hi 216 I’m also looking into family history related to Walcha, Armidale and Tamworth.
Wilson’s and Farrell’s. I know my 3 GGGrandfather was and aborignal tracker in nowendoc in the late 1800’s and relocated to Walcha to have children.
I’m serious thinking of getting in the car and driving to Walcha to see what I can find
Katherine Kwiatkowski
Looking for info on Lorna Una Gladys Barnes (born 1912, nee Clarke).
Katrina Harris
Hi im looking for information on my grandmther born Gunnedah 1883 clara russell or clara ash married Stone then Harris any one with info about her would be appreciated
Hugh Thomson 289 I would love to contact your brother Grahame Thomson. Is he on Facebook or could you message me with details on Facebook?
Grahame Thomson
Hello Christine 296

My name is Grahame Thomson and you can contact me either by Facebook or phone 0424115133. I hope we can help each other with our family history. I have gone back to 1700’s on the Trindall side and have a bit of knowledge on their activities from Morpeth to Wee Waa, Cuttabrri, et al
My 2x great Grandmother was Margaret Henrietta Peak(e) (Nee MURPHY) Born 1864/1866 and died 1935 at Narrabri hospital. She is buried at the old Narrabri Cemetary next to her husband Jacob James Peak(e). They had 10 children one being my great grandmother Violet Beatrice May Peak(e).

A recent story, she was born where the Namoi River meets the Narrabri Creek. Previously it was thought she was born in Gunnedah. She may have lived in Wee Waa at some point (possibly family there from Murphy side) and lived on a property with her husband Jacob Peak(e) at Turrawan near Narrabri.

She had two brothers Michael Murphy 1859-1931 and Thomas Daniel Murphy 1874-1933. Trying to find anything on her or the two brothers. Perhaps their families still live around Wee Waa, Narrabri areas? I'm trying to find out more about her, her parents were possibly called David and Elizabeth but not entirely sure if that's accurate. There's 3% Melanesian in some of my third cousins DNA so we think she was part obviously Irish, Aboriginal, Melanesian background.

Any leads appreciated. simonxharris@gmail.com MURPHY, PEAK(E), SWEETMAN, STOLTENBERG, HARRIS...Surname Lineage
I'm on ancestry.com.au at Simon Robert HARRIS
Hi I'm trying to find any information about Vincent Paul Tosswill b 26th August 1926 around burren junction. His father owned a sheep station in the area. We believe that he is aboriginal and he use to play with the aboriginal kids living on the property

Any info would be helpful
Deborah Byrne
So pleased to come across 287 Barry's comment re James Saunders and Jane Dillon. Barry could you help me out with their info? Contact me via email. really appreciate any help.
Hello. I am looking for information on my GGmother Sarah ward, born circa 1875, around hay area. She went on to marry a George Carter in Narrandera. I a unable to find any record of her birth.
Thankyou in advance, shanimueller@live.com.au
Looking for information about Thomas Hartnett Jnr born 1915, died 1973? His son was Daryl Thomas Hartnett born 4/11/1941 died 16/7/1994. Thomas Hartnett Jnr father was also Thomas Hartnett, born 1872, died 1943.
Looking for descendants of Ivan Riggs. Interested also in anyone who is a living relative if he and partner surname Colbran.
J Keen
Seems to me that there is an abundance of Gomeroi (Kamilaroi) People commenting here. Far from "almost extinct". This erroneous utilisation of 'native elimination logic' is far from the only falsehood printed in this 'article': The Gamilaraay language is still very much spoken (Ash et al 2003); the Gomeroi were nomadic only at certain 'times' of the year (Pascoe 2014) - Western concepts of space and time, as well as ownership, were non-existent in pre-colonial invasion Australia (Svirsky & Ben-Arie R 2019; Wolfe 2006); 'the soul' is a strictly Western, religious construct (Denzin et al 2008); and so on and so on.
If you are indeed 'looking for information for school'; the Gomeroi People; or would just like to be properly informed on issues concerning Indigenous Australia, I suggest you speak to the Indigenous People about who you would like to learn. Continuing the inherently discriminatory phenomenon of 'invisible whiteness' by treating a piece citing publications from the Netherlands and London as a valid source of information on specific local Indigenous Australian knowledges will only leave you further indoctrinated within the dissonant mainstream narrative and ultimately, misinformed.

Ash A, Giacon J and Lissarrague A eds., 2003, Gamilaraay, Yuwaalaraay & Yuwaalayaay dictionary, IAD Press.
Denzin, NK, Lincoln YS and Smith LT eds., 2008, Handbook of critical and indigenous methodologies, Sage.
Pascoe B, 2014, Dark emu black seeds: Agriculture or accident?, Magabala Books.
Svirsky M, and Ben-Arie R, 2019, Settler Colonialism and the Logic of Double Elimination, Interventions, 21(4), pp.464-485.
Wolfe P, 2006, Settler Colonialism and the Elimination of the Native, Journal of genocide research, 8(4), pp.387-409.
helen hayden
Searching for anaiwan (gamilaroi) information on my GR GR GR grandmother Susanna South NEE HILL ... I suspect it could be HALL, but she married William SOUTH and lived at copes creek Tingha. Their is rumours she was born at BINGARA and that George Hammond was her father to a aboriginal woman, she was sent to live with John and Louisa Perfrement on their station at tingha after the death of her mother, her apparent father was the publican at bingara, after reading about the myal creek massacre and the 3 small children whom survived my thoughts are that possibly she was one of the young girls that were hidden behind the door when the settlers were seeking out the natives. So unsure but Im so desperate to gain any infor on that so we can rest and finally find our ancestors true details.
Hi, I believe I may have Kamilaroi forebears. I have thought for some time that I may have aboriginal heritage and I’m hoping someone here can help me. My great great grandmother is recorded (probably a church record) as Margaret Ann (no surname) marrying Joseph Saunders and then having a child Mary Ann Saunders in 1853 (I don’t know how many other children they had). She married Charles Green, a stockman, in Tamworth in 1871. Charles later worked on Callandoon Station as a boundary rider and at least some of their children were born there. Their son Frank Green was a drover in the Goondiwindi/Moree area and married Mary Jane Meehan from Mungindi in Moree in 1904. My father Adam Green, born 1912, was a drover/stockman in the Longreach and Tulga area (that we know of) before the war and had a number of brothers including a Robert. All were drovers as far as I know. Some fascinating reading here and I would very much appreciate any information readers may have. Email me or post here — thanks.
Looking for any descendants or information on Reta Goulding please. Goulding was maiden name. Reta is the daughter of Arthur Allan Cameron and Jessie Esther Goulding, whom had another child before she passed away named Keith Cameron ( my grandfather).
When Jessie passes away Arthur moved to Sydney and married Annie Todd and they had children also. So any information would be greatly appreciated.
Please contact me on magnolia_1974@hotmail.com
Hello to all, I am researching my family history which had been hidden from us for many, many years. I am now 72 years old and wish to complete my story. My Grandmother was Lorna Isabel Lamey born in 1897 and one of 7 or 8 children. On her birth certificate her father is identified as Lamey (no first name) and mother Jane C. Lorna married my grandfather George Cook in 1915. I have been able to trace her parents some way. Her Grandfather appears to be William Lamey - who was the William Lamey and Bertha (Bootha) mentioned in most information I come across. William was a known criminal out of Tipperary in Ireland and transported to Australia in 1829. That information came from the TV show "who do you think you are" and the subject of that series was Ray Martin who is a descendant of Wiiliam and Bertha. It appears William and Bertha were never married (common at the time) and they had 2 children (John and Jane). Jane later married into the Hartnell family. John Lamey apparently married Elizabeth Marsh but I have been unable to trace their children, I have come across information that they may have had 11 children but not sure of that info. Can anyone help - I have included my email address teemco@my-netsite.com or my phone number 0450565490. Thanks to anyone who can help
Terry Cook
Sorry re the above - Lorna Isabel Lamey born 1897 - William Lamey is her Great Grandfather not her Grandfather
Gambu Ganuurru (The Red Chief, or The Red Kangaroo) is my great, great, great, great, great grandfather. (I know it’s awhile ago lol)
So my ancestor was the chief of Kamilaroi. I’m 14. Only found out about this last week, so I’ve been doing some crazy researching, trying to learn about it. Hope I might be able to get to Gunnedah one day.
Hi,My Great great grandmother MARY ANN WALTON born 1854 "Bando Station" Mullaley married JOHN HOGAN 1870 Murrundi,their daughter MARY ANN HOGAN born 1873 Phillips Creek married DANIEL MCGREGOR 1891 BREWARRINA her marriage certificate states she was a domestic any knowledge of my family would be great to help with family stories my email
Leighanne Hickey
Hi Hayden, (comment 312) I just want to confirm that your response is to me (comment 311)? If so thank you for all of the information, I would like to speak to you more.
Kind Regards, Leighanne
Claire Spargo I am related to you :) And Judy 171 I think U should check and see who is buried next to John Richards maybe U got given some wrong names

Gary too and the Cooper's are my cousin's I wish I could visit .one day
Terry comment 308 I have the family tree of bertha I will email you a copy.
Trish #222 & Tiffany #283 Ruby Darlingtons daughter (Evelyn O'Brien) lives at Curlewis Nsw and should be able to help you with your search with Ruby Darlington. You should be able to find her on facebook
I’m also looking to trace the Aboriginal side of my family.

My grandfathers name is RONALD TERBUTT and he had 3 sisters DORIS NELLY and RITA TERBUTT.

I was told that Ronald had an Aboriginal father - who was different to the father named on his birth certificate (which was FRANCIS TERBUTT).

If anyone has any idea who this Aboriginal man was, I would be eternally grateful if you could email me on notty7@live.com.au
Hi Deborah Byrne (300) RE: James Saunders and Jane Dillon. Barry could you help me out with their info? Contact me via email. really appreciate any help.

I don't have your email address. Mine is barry.gunther@environment.nsw.gov.au

cheers Barry
leighanne hickey
I just noticed that my last entry to (hayden)has been taken down,I don't understand why.I am not here to cause any disrespect. like most people on the forum I just want to know what happened to my family.
Hi, my grandfather was Clarence John Moffat his mother was a Hatch and was full Kamilaroi heritage. I am looking for information on how to get verification of our heritage. We lived in the Tamworth district. I now live in Brisbane area. Can anyone help please?
Cheridyn Lee Bennett
Hi Bianca

I am a relative of yours also seeking info on Mary Ann Dalton. She would a distant relative of mine 6 generations back. Were you successful in finding any information on her?
Bianca 282 and Cheridyn 320. I am also a descendent. Bianca, I first bought this to your attention a while ago. Cheridyn has inspired me to start looking again. I’m interested to read your DNA test showed aboriginality. I have been hesitant to undertake as I have read it’s impossible to pick up.
Kate O'Brien
Hi, My Great Grand mother has passed, but, I am named after her...Elizabeth Blanche Thomas (Nee White). I have researched and believe Nan had lived near Bora Crossing, as a child and later lived in Gunnedah. Would love to know about her parents...anyone related to Elizabeth Blanche Thomas?
Leonie, I'm related to this family too if you would like to talk. Thanks. Telan. telanwade@hotmail.com

Hi Jane Contributor No. 130, I'm interested in your connection to Elizabeth Smith as I thought I had allher children. Leonie
Jeffrey Hartnett
My great g grandparents comes from Namoi River of the Kamilaroi Tribe with my great grand mother being Jane Lamey ( Hartnett ).
I was wondering if someone could let me know how much the tribal shirts cost with postage to Tolga, Qld, 4882, since I would love to be able to buy them to wear & show my tribal colours with pride, so other tribes who come from up here on the Atherton Tablelands.
I will be waiting to hear from someone about this cost to buy the shirts and postage to us .
Hi, I am just wondering how I can respond to people's comments on here. Particularly #256 Natty
#325 Kylie miller Do you have any information on Natty family history.
@326 Narelle Matthews - i have sent you an email.. thanks
Thanks Amanda .I have been browsing through the comments on this page and definitely connect with some of information .
This comment is for Frankie #166
I am doing research on IVY ELLEN BURNS
Please feel free to contact me if you are still looking for information and we can compare notes thanks
Kim Johnstone
My father's mother ( Vera Tolmie) was of of Kamilaroi heritage. Her mothew was Mary Snow married to Alex Tolmie in Quirindi. We are seeking information on our family history
and connections and confirmation of our Aboriginal heritage. This is particularly important to my children who would like to identify. any help advice would be welcomed.
My husband Wayne is a direct descendant of William Lamey and Bertha Nash. Their son John is his g/g/ grandfather. Any information on Bertha and her family would be greatly appreciated. Also does anyone know of David Edwinston linked to Jane Caroline Lamey. Thank you
mary ann sampson was my great grand mother. Was she aboriginal? She married Thomas Jarvis Spain in 1870 at Murrurundi and one of her daughters was Mariah Ann SPAIN.
I was told when i was a kid that i was part Aboriginal and i am now 71 years old and need to know before it is too late to celebrate it. HOPE SOMEONE CAN HELP.
Jim Newton
Can someone assist me. My grand father was a caste Kamilaroi drover around the Tenterfield area and my father was born out of a relationship with him and my grandmother [name withheld due to current families still in district]. My father took on his stepfather's name and was the middle child to my grandmother. Because of the disfunctional life of my grandmother she was eventually hospitalized south of Sydney and never returned to a normal lifestyle due to mental illness. My father was the only child born to this union. He was born in 1922. Please feel free to contact me at the above email address.
Karen schwartz
Hi I'm doin my family tree and have been told my 3rd GP are of this origin,George stud & elizabeth Smith daughter Ellen Ellis,I'm trying to prove my indigenous side as my mother didn't register us as indigenous descent,and wanting find out who I am and where my ancestors come from,Elizabeth parents are Elizabeth heeds and James smith,any information would be great
Hi Hayden 313
Are the Coopers that are your cousins related to George and Alice Cooper who worked at Wellbondongah station about 50 km out of Moree. They had about 7 children, one being my great grandmother violet Jane Cooper who I believe had a relationship with one of the Richards sons. She had my grandmother, violet may cooper who either was taken or given up to a foster family. I have had many DNA matches to carr/Richards decendents and have 10% Aboriginal in my DNA. If you or anyone has information about Cooper or Richards family I would love to hear from you.
I have family roots of GRUGGEN and SUTTON hailing from Scone. I'd like to know what tribe my ancestors would have come from. If anyone knows please give me a heads up
Hi Cheridyn, 336.
Are you able to tell me how you fit in my family tree. My great grandfather was William Fletcher Sutton, youngest child of Charles Sutton and Elizabeth Sutton née Gruggen. It is Elizabeth’s family I am trying to trace in particular her mother Mary Ann Dalton and her mother of whom I have no name. Our family had no idea William was aboriginal, as I said before a very well kept secret. I found an article on Trove stating his aboriginal appearance.

I don’t know what tribe they belong to.

If there is anyone out there who might have some further information that would fantastic.
leighanne hickey
Just wanting to know about my family from Bingara area surnames are WALTON,HOGAN,McGREGOR
Can anyone help me find out who my grandmothers birth mother was. she grew up with Sarah mcphail and Edward anderson as her adoptive parents. she was born 23 June 1909 ... and lived in walcha. I believe she use to help her birth mother in the school at goonoogoonoo in Armidale sometime around 1920+. She married James Coyne in 1930 in walcha ..thanks
Im trying to trace my family tree and am struggling to find accurate info on family history.
Im looking for family history of Mary matilda picton (1858-1947) born at Terry-
I think her daughters name was elizabeth mary mable tripcony lincoln after marriage..
Any info would be great
Hi guys
I have been trying to find out more about my aboriginal heritage .As my great grandmother Marr Elsley 1896-1981 from caroona/quirindi area from the Kamilaroi people as i had paper work on this but have missed placed it in moving. As i have moved to quirindi area and want to learn more about our people and places as my son played in the koori knockout for the newcastle emu's and is learning dig thanks for your time .
Bernadette Bakulev
@ 249 Maurice King: I too am looking for this information as Edna Kathleen Smith is my great grandmother.

Hi ,I am Looking for some more information on my mother's great grandmother Amelia Margaret. We have documentation that she was born circa 1886 on the barwon (we presumed this was the brewarrina mission ) and married to a James jurd(gerd) Smith and we believe had 3 children ,Catherine Edna Smith who's name was changed to Edna Kathleen Smith ,a Evelyn Mary Smith and a son who we are yet to name.
Hi, I cannot believe I have only just found this site. Been searching a long, long time only to stumble across this by accident. But I am sure I am not alone with that.
I read through each and every comment in the hope my grandmothers name or her family members may appear, but unfortunately not. My grandma was Joyce Perry, born in Barraba or maybe Bingara? on 28-03-1922 according to BDM. She had 6 siblings, Neville (deceased), Ivan (deceased), Max (deceased), Des (??), Anne and Trudy. I remember visiting Manilla as a child a few times and met some relatives, but do not have contact with any surviving members. I believe my grandma was indigenous and cannot confirm actual parents, but certificates refer to William George Parry and Breta Withers. A lot of stories/facts have gone to the grave, so I would appreciate any information that people may have. I have been asked many times through my schooling and later years about my aboriginal heritage and when my grandma was alive she frowned upon any such insinuation. I believe I am of aboriginal blood but would love to be able to share any information with my children to assist their journeys. I look forward to hearing from anyone who can assist. Really grateful for this, whatever the outcome.
@322 Kate O'Brien; Your great grandmother - Elizabeth Blanche Thomas, is my Great Grandfather Jim White's sister. Both were born at Borah Crossing to parents William White and Ellen White (nee Graham). Happy to fill in more details.
Trying to find family of Yates.Larkins .Neil.stanford from the Pilliga area
Hi Christine 275 - "Looking for relations of Nellie Reid/Loder of Wee Waa (Pilliga)" - Christine I am also descendant of Nellie Reid & Edmund Alfred Robert Trindall from Wee Waa (Pilliga) - they were also my Great Grandparents - my grandmother was Juanita Reid / Trindall - looks like you did not put in an email address - you or any other relative are most welcome to contact me
Hi, I am researching my maternal grandmothers side of the family, she was born in Wee Waa in 1920 her family were from Narrabri, Kathleen May Anderson. I am struggling to identify her fathers name, I would guess he was a local from Wee Waa, any help would be appreciated thanks.
I’m looking for information on my grandmother Grace Austin who was born in Werris Creek in 1910. We know her mother was Freda Emma Austin born in Quirindi in 1891 but no mention of father on birth certificate. We suspect her dad was Aboriginal, and Grace was possibly taken away from her mother.
@295 Katrina Harris I am also after information about Clara Russell, speaking with my grandmother she tells me of her mother Mary Whyler Margret Harris, the daughter of Clara and Charles. She also tells me that her mother had mentioned to her about having indigenous heritage but not being allowed to speak about it, I have seen some photographs which may be of assistance, especially that of Aunty Pat (Patricia Harris) another of Clara's daughters, feel free to email me about this. Thanks Brayden Boyd
Apr 20, 2024 @ 8:08 am
Yamma All
I too came upon this tapestry of remarkable threads by serendipity - seeking to find connection between stories past, names & places of NSW & Queensland, particularly between my father's country of the "New England" and my mother's country of "The Hunter". I read every post, searching for (and remembering) names and places, and cried tears of grief and longing that you (and I) may all find the tribes and reconcile the pasts that have been hidden from and denied. Then, I started searching and – because of this site – gratefully found information that, although documented, has (unfortunately) been denied to me (personally, by siblings, since my mother's death). So with gratitude to you all, I share this link I found. I warn you that it's contents are harrowing - sometimes surprising (like the aboriginal ball) but it does list/mentions events names in your posts – albeit centred largely around the Armidale Express. Hope some or many can find some clues or answers within. With deepest regards & best wishes to all, yarloo
Apr 20, 2024 @ 8:08 am
the link:

Apr 20, 2024 @ 8:08 am
Also, I meant to mention (but forgot, after searching & a sky-full of emotion)...
Deepest gratitude to the artist Archie Moore (who shares my grandfather's name and, due to his extraordinary work (to be exhibited at the Venice Biennale) precipitated this search & my post. Whether or not we share ancestry, we share some kind of history & values, and I am so deeply appreciative of his survival and his profound work.
Apr 21, 2024 @ 3:03 am
Hi all I am trying to find any information of my family Henry Yates. Betsy Polly yates Larkins Neil Alfred Fraser and Emma Doolan Yates. From Pilliga come by Change .wingadee station .

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