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ummm yeah im Pohnpeian and i was looking for the legends and stories of the family guardians but i couldnt find it and my dads families guardian is the shark and sting ray and my moms is the water eel and i was just looking to see if i can find out stories of my family but i didn't.
but good website though.
Very interesting site see, and looking forward for more family trees to shre on this site. more over, i was told by my cousin brothers who have been to your beautiful countries, that we do have families their in Pohnpei, under this name of SATALAKA. And i wish that this is the right time for me to start searching for my families their on Pohnpei.
So pliz for any one who knows anybody thay related to this name SATALAKA, and these names, KANIVA, plis do not hesitate to contact me on this email addy:- Loise Tusi Satalaka - jeta_susie@yahoo.com

many thanks to Tito Isala for sharing this site.

i want to know about the Pohnpeian culture. im a local Pohnpeian. its my project in class so i need your help...
Barnabas Ferdinant
I have this project on microeconomics and I would like to ask about how agriculture infrastructure and its contribution to economy growth on Pohnpei.
I grew up on Pohnpei and was accepted into local families - having lived there and the love I received there is not comparable to anywhere else in the world. Not only is the island beautiful, but the people are pure and beautiful - inside and out.

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