ETHNONYMS: Wombunger, Wongai-bun, Wonghi, Wonghibon

The Wongaibon are an Australian Aboriginal group who range over an area of some 70,000 square kilometers in New South Wales. Their territory is centered at: 146°30′ E and 32° S at the headwaters of Bogan Creek and on Tigers Camp and Boggy Cowal creeks. They use more of the territory and sometimes move into the territory of adjacent groups during dry periods when food is scarce.


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the wongaibon are not an extinct group of aboriginals some are still alive and well
As a living member of the Wongaibon People Or Waangaypuwan as in the native ngyampa. There are still people alive. These people that are alive still know there history, laws and culture. They also know there country such as totems localised flora and fauna and also where to find appropriate sites. To say they are extinct is to say they never existed. When I was a child my grandfather took me to our country many times to teach me our Culture and history. My uncles know everything that can be taught and can recite our stories. Thyey also know the language intimately.
To say my peoples are extinct is very insulting. To come up with this conclusion not much research was undertaken. I feel that if you really wanted to know anything about this group you should start in Cobar where most of my people live.
My greatgrandmother was born at the the bogan nsw in 1856 ,her mother & father before that ,I'm still alive in 2011 with brother & sister & there children ,extinct I don't think so
in trying to find out what Wongaibon's Totem is? Could some one who knows that please could you lat me know
Ok, so are you organised as a tribe, so that you can continue to exist, I mean, what is use if a tribe have descendants, if they are disparsed and their descendents will forgot about their roots, and simply become just aborigines.
Graham Avery
I am related to the Ngiyampaa Wangaaypuwan people and my people from that country is the Pilarrkiyalu on my father's side. I also have my totem and kinship identity. Ngiyampaa kinship goes further join with other country and same with the language that related or closely with Wiradjuri, Gamilaraay, Yuwaalaraay and Yuwaalayaay, quite interesting that they all have same kinship name but different name of groups. Then yes we are all alive and deadly.
my great grandad was from this mob the totam what I know its two Goannas head to tail , Lots of
our mob thinks they are wiradjuri being the Main mob there its the small once that counts
my mobs the Daley from Murrambigeree
i am trying to find my great grand mothers resting place madge doolan married to herbert riley somewhere in nsw inverell, texas , north nsw also herbert riley thank you
My great-great grandmother was stolen and i am trying to find my heritage for my children's future
Shirley Hughes
Ron Did you have any luck tracking your great grandmothers resting place.
Kylie Woodhouse
My family come from Yathong, after being told that my family come from Spain we have discovered the truth that was kept from us by our grandmothers. that we are Ngiyampaa Wangaaypuwan people. my Nan Zelma Smith (nee Molloy) grew up at Yathong Station and her mother (my great Grand mother) lived at Yathong station Muriel Phyllis Harriet Molloy (nee Horne). her mother was Elizabeth F Wells who married John Horne at Tiara station. I have records of John Horne being the publican of Tiara Hotel. Elizabeth's mother was Margaret Mary Smith as listed on Elizabeths death certificate, I have no other information on her. I am trying to learn as much as I can about my heritage and culture, I would like to learn more. Can you give me any direction? Thanks Kylie
did this tribe have any important ceremonies? what did they believe in? the dreamtime? did they have a seperate language? is the language still used ?
(sorry for the overload of questions)
Re Luke Horrigan
I am from the Griffiths family in Cobar, my Grandfather (who is now deceased) was the Elder there. Who are you related to??
Penny O'Brien
My great great grandmother lived at Trida Station her name was Katherine King she had 3 koi’s to a white white fella Richard King. Rose King Katherine (Kitty’s) daughter married a white fella by the Name Robert Sutton. Does anyone know anything, or anybody who has stories about Katherine and Richard King or her kids Jack king and Rose.

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