Yagua - Kinship

Kin Groups and Descent. Yagua society is divided into sixteen patrilineal, exogamous clans bearing animal or plant names. There is much evidence that formerly the lineages formed local groups, and probably a moiety division also existed. Between two local groups there was a strong relationship cemented by intermarriage. These groups also cooperated during raids against their traditional enemies, such as the Witoto, Ticuna, and Mayoruna, and in warlike activities against other Yagua clans. Today, because of the changing settlement patterns, the clans no longer form local units. The communities are instead formed by several lineage segments, although the preference for certain allied clans is still apparent.

Kinship Terminology. Yagua kinship terminology is of the Dravidian type. There is a joking relationship between both actual and potential brothers-in-law and between actual and potential sisters-in-law.

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