Cyprus is presently divided in two, with ethnic Greeks living on one side of the island and ethnic Turks on the other. However, the Greek Cypriots outnumber the Turks by more than four-to-one. The article in this chapter is about the ethnic Greeks living on Cyprus. For more information on the Turks, see the chapter on Turkey in Volume 9.

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47chmm, Cypriots speak the cypriot diaeclt that is mainly an older form of greek, with some foreign influences. The cypriot cuisine is basically greek, but cypriots have their own food too, like seftalia, halumi and souvla, and also their own wine, commandaria, that is considered to be the world's oldest named wine still in, all the greek anniversaries are celebrated in Cyprus too, but some holidays like the Independence day in Cyprus and the turkish invasion anniversary are not celebrated in Greece..Cypriots listen mainly to english/international music, and music produced in Greece, though Cyprus has many traditional songs of its own..There aren't any real differences between Greece and Cyprus, besides of course the fact that they are both two different countries.Greek-Cypriot

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