AMHARA … 133
OROMOS … 141
TIGRAY … 149

The people of Ethiopia are called Ethiopians. There are more than seventy ethnic groups. The Amhara-Tigray group constitutes approximately 45 percent of the population and has traditionally been dominant politically. The Oromo (Galla) group represents approximately 40 percent of the population and is concentrated primarily in the south. For information on the Fulani, another important group, see the chapter on Guinea in Volume 4.

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well the information is good we are doing a project here at concordia school and this website is really helping us out but you should add the religion monomotapa that was the only information that we just couldn't find on here.
Our country & mama land ethiopia is full of diversity, as a people we promote unity in diversity. Infact we can respect the past but there are things that we don't want to repeat them again specially dirty fruits of previous regimes, surprizingly you are using the banned name of the oromo people which is galla of which the past regime used to call them but got nothing to do with their identity more than 25 years ago, now I am giving my comments to update history and cultures of countries like ours or you have to post the whole history and if so we are the original and we are legend people, now we are poor country how ever, for the future definitly we will be influential people all over the world.

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