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The people of Norway are called Norwegians. The population is nearly all of the same ethnicity—generally tall and fair-skinned, with blue eyes. Minority communities include some 20,000 Sami (Lapps) and 7,000 descendants of Finnish immigrants.

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Casey Sullivan
Heyy Norwegians,
I'm doing a project on Norway for geogrsphy class and I need to know some about the geography, economy, culture, and world changing events in your country. I also need to know to what extent did Europe or Norway shape our world. It would be nice if you could reply as soon as possible.


Casey Sullivan :)
Harald Øksberg
To what extent did Europe or Norway shape our world? Well we changed the world lots of times, But i guess since you are posting here you are more curiouse about Norway. In Norways chase i think that saying usual stuff like Vikings, Finding America, Inventing the handgranade and the barrel with rifles (Carvings on the innside of the barrel that makes the bullet spin therby making it more accurate) Using chess as something you have on a piece of bread and eat. Creating a society where no one needs to live on the street or pay for Healtcare/Education/water/ or Electrical power. Giving the Americans permission to look for oil in the 1960s on Norwegian soil and overnight when they found something pass a law in the middel of the night giving them the right to "Quality check" the American equipment (Actually they did not know what to look for or even how to use it) and even to this day maintain 100 % government controll of the nations oil reserves. Norway let chances for grateness go after ww2, It was offered a seat on the UN Security council (Since it actually bordered to the Soviet Union, and not a sattelit state. Talking about Russia.) During ww2 Norway wanted to remain neutral but that did not happen, The battle of Narvik saw the first German defeat in ww2 by the hands of General Fleischer of the Royal Norwegian Army, Having gambled it all on one card Fleischer had senterd all remaining forces in a final stand in Narvik awaiting Allied help but the Allies broke there promise to the general and abandoned him, Norway surrendered after two months of war. France surrendered after two weeks. During ww2 over 20.000 Norwegians joined the German armed forces and did clash with the Bolsheviks of the east (20.000 is 15.000 more soldiers than the Norwegian army had during the two month conflict with Germany) But do to the strenght of the Norwegian forces almost no one surrendered or retreated without a fall back order from highcommand so only about 5.000 - 6.784 survived the war, taking part in many grand battles along the eastern front Norway got its taste of World War 2 aswell (last battle of the Norwegian forces was the Battle of Berlin). today Norway "likes" to persent itself as a nation of peace to the world and a paragon of mankind, ofcourse no self respecting Norwegian would say that to your face (being rude towards guests or Europeans is considered hounourless) lastly on this summary it should be noted that due to Norways gigantic wealth it meddels with big nations buisniss like the nation Norway is a Empire, It shows how they think of themselfs in a non honoureless way.
Ever since I found out that my granparents came from Norway, I have always wanted to know about the people and culture. I also have a very strong desire to learn the language (at least the spoken language), but speaking and writing would be perfect.
I have to do a project on our heritage & mine is Norwegian. We need to write about if the trip over to America was worth it or not? What problems did they encounter here. & questions like that. PLEASE help me out! Project is due tomorrow & I need a 5 paragraph essay!
Hi I am also doing a boring project for Human Geography.

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