The Isneg (Apayao, Isnag, Isned, Kalina', Mandaya, Payao) are a group in northern Luzon, the Philippines. In 1981 their population was estimated at 12,000. The Isneg are slash-and-burn cultivators of hillside rice; they also grow yams, taro, sweet potatoes, maize, sugarcane, and bananas. Their small hamlets average about eighty-five people each.


Keesing, Felix M. (1962). "The Isneg: Shifting Cultivators of the Northern Philippines." Southwestern Journal of Anthropology 18:1-19.

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Will Eaton
I am doing a project on the Isneg Tribe of the Philippines. I would gratefully accept any further information that you can supply me!
trix garcia
, could you help me know more about Isneg people? And I'm looking for the political views of their tribe like the following:
1. their form of government
2. executive
3. legislative
4. judiciary

, I also want to know more about their economical views if they are fishing, mining, farming or trading, and it would be well appreciated if you give me futher explanations about it.

, aside from that i also want to know their eschatology or what are they expect after they die.

, i also want to know their very own riddles proverbs/ sayings short stories, and what architectural works they did.

i'm sorry if it's terably many. I just can't find exactly what I'm looking for from the other sites, i hope that you could help me.
i have a speech about Isneg and thank you coz this really helped a lot :)
Mark Paul C. De Vera
Thanks this help a lot. I'm very thankful if you send me more link about this study

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