ETHNONYMS: Gypsies, and all corresponding terms in the various European languages (Bohémiens, Cigani, Cíngaros, Gitanos, Gitans, Mustalainen, Tataren, Tsiganes, Zigeuner, Zingari, etc.). Travelers or Travellers and all corresponding terms in the various European languages (Gens du Voyage, Rasende, Viajeros, Voyageurs, etc.). Rom or phonetically similar terms (Beaš, Camminanti, Hantrika, Jenischen, Kale, Korrner, Manuš, Minceir, Pavé, Quinquis, Romanicel, Romanies, Rudari, Sinte or Sinti, Woonwagenbewoners, etc.)

See also Bulgarian Gypsies ; Gitanos ; Gypsies and Caravan Dwellers in the Netherlands ; Irish Travellers ; Piemontese Sinti ; Rom of Czechoslovakia ; Scandinavian Peripatetics ; Slovensko Roma ; Spanish Rom ; Vlach Gypsies of Hungary ; Xoraxané Roma


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